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Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86)

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Due to many players on the database sharing similar/exact names, I attach below the players profile (as of http://en.soccerwiki.org/player.php?pid=62557).

Player Overview

Full name: José Luis Gayá Peña

Club: Valencia CF

Age: 20

Date of birth: 25 May 1995

Nation: Spain

Height (cm): 178

Weight (kg): 75

Position: D, DM, M (L)

Preferred Foot: Left

Rating: 86

Now, using the guidance within 'Arguing A Rating Change - A Handy Guide' (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=78016), I will argue the case that the player should receive either a +1 or +2 to his current rating of 86.

1 - Factors contributing to a rating change

Individual awards and accolades - Gayá was on 23/05/2015 voted into Guillem Balague's La Liga XI for 2014/15. Guillem states in his article that Gayá has been "unquestionably one of the players of the season". He goes on to critique that the left back "has been a big part of Valencia's success this term".

Source - http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12087/9859133/guillem-balagues-la-liga-xi-for-201415-who-joins-lionel-messi-and-cristiano-ronaldo

Moreover, I'd also like to make a case for a further individual accolade. In accordance with the Oxford dictionary (see below) an accolade is characterised as "an award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit". I'd argue that being offered (and signing) a new 5 year contract falls under this term. As reported by the Daily Mail on 09/05/2015, Gayá agreed a "five-year contract extension". The article reiterates the remarks of football expert Guillem Balague, as it argues that Gayá "has had a breakthrough season this term".

Source 1: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/accolade

Source 2: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3074294/Jose-Luis-Gaya-signs-new-five-year-deal-Valencia-Chelsea-Manchester-City-target-commits-boyhood-club.html

Domestic/continental/international honours - Although Valencia failed to win any domestic honours, I do feel it is important to reference here that Valencia, in fact, finished 4th in La Liga (Liga BBVA). That is their highest finish since the 2010/11 season and a remarkable jump from 13/14 (8th) and 12/13 (5th).

Domestic experience - In accordance with Transfermarkt (see below), Gayá played in 35 (out of 38) league games this season, in which 29 of these he played 90 minutes. In this time, he managed 6 assists and 1 goal. The Guardian Stats Centre (link below) shows how Gayá has contributed towards Valencia's 13 clean sheets and only 32 goals conceded over the course of the season, 3rd to only Atlético Madrid (29) and champions Barcelona (21).

Source 1: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jose-luis-gaya/profil/spieler/221322#ath

Source 2: http://guardian.touch-line.com/StatsCentre.asp?CTID=29&CPID=68&TEID=552&ListType=14&pStr=Match_List&t=1

Continental experience - N.A.

International experience - Gayá has represented Spain at all levels between U17's and U21's. He made his U21's debut September 4th 2014 and has since played 3 times, playing 90 minutes on all occasions. This may not seem much but he appears to be the 1st choice LB going forward under coach Albert Celades.

Source: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jose-luis-gaya/nationalmannschaft/spieler/221322

Reaching the next stage in their career (e.g proving themselves in a higher division or at a continental/international level) - Considering Gayá was playing in the 3rd tier of Spanish football (Segunda División B) just last season (13/14), I think it's rather obvious that the player has reached the next stage in his career. I understand the argument could be made not to shift Gayá up too heavily too soon based on the timeframe he has achieved this within. However, I'd argue the players development has been over an 18 month period already. In the 2013/14 season, Gayá represented Valencia on 3 occasions in the Europa League, playing 205 minutes which shows the faith bestowed to him from the club. All data above is in line with Transfermarkt (see below).

Source: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jose-luis-gaya/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/221322

2 - Team/Squad Averages

To work out Valencia's squad/team average, I used Transfermarkt (see http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-valencia/leistungsdaten/verein/1049). There are 14 players with over 20 appearances and also Enzo Perez who is also a first-team player who hasn't appeared as often due to injuries.

Combined ratings (1331) / 15 = 88.73333, or rounded up, 89. Only GK Diego Alves (37) has made more appearances over the season than Gayá.

3 - Quality of the league

In line with Uefa (www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/country) Spain is, at this moment in time, considered the number 1 league.

4 - My educated opinion

I've watched La Liga a lot this season (alongside my marking - I'm a teacher) and whilst watching I've been lucky enough to see Gayá come through at Valencia. Valencia have a record of developing fantastic LB's - you only have to look at Bernat (now at Bayern Munchen) and Jordi Alba (Barcelona). Whilst both players are a lot further along in their development than Gayá currently, I'd argue that Gayá still warrants a rise in rating. Bernat, for me, warrants a (90) rating and not the (89) rating he has currently however, I envisage this altering relatively soon. Therefore, I'd argue that Gayáshould, in fact, receive a bump of +2 from 86 to 88.

COMPARISON - Danny Rose (Tottenham, 88) and Erik Durm (88) (playing in England and Germany respectively) are both higher ratings than Gayá currently. The leagues are comparable and Spurs this season conceded 53 goals and finished 5th whilst Durm (at Dormund) contributed to a team that conceded 42 goals and finished 7th. Valencia have had the better season and I don't for 1 second believe Gayá is the only reason for Valencia's high performance. Otamendi has also had a fantastic season and, just recently, was bumped from 89 to 90. I'd argue Gayá should receive the same courtesy.

Thanks for reading, all opinions are my own and I very much welcome your own thoughts on the player. Thanks again. :)

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Re: Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86)

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your detailed analysis. I also believe Gaya will receive a +2 to (88).

A good place to go for simple advice or discussion on this type of topic is here


Great that you put so much time and effort in and you nailed it imo.


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Re: Proposed Rating Change: Josè Luis GAYA (86)

Really appreciate the feedback Cam and also for the heads up on the discussion within the thread. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks again

Not a worry, also i responded to you via the message I approved on Hog's message board, You should consider turning on Visitor and/or Private messaging so you can be individually contacted


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