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Once there was a forum, practical and easy on the eyes, Fueled by the people, and brimming with life. But no one could foresee, what the devs would later devise, As when the new layout came, it was

Absolute crap. Probably cheaper. Just confirms how little respect SM has for the forum community. Couldn't even be arsed to send a message to us beforehand either about the change. Suspect will be

The issue here is once again a lack of communication between SM' customers and SM itself. I seriously doubt anyone is so set in their ways that they will be unable to adapt to this new forum layout ho

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What to say... Just a new mistake of SM development team, in my opinion. I recognize that the old forum was a little bit outdated, but this new version i quite worse. I think "cold" is the word that best defines it. It turns very difficult to me to understand why are they focusing their efforts on this kind of irrelevant changes; if the target is to make the forum more enjoyable, there's loads of better options. Why not give more style/colour/shapes options to post? Why not to stablish an option to make automatic drafts (similar to the poll's one)?

I've asked for opinions on Spanish Forum... And I'm pretty sure that this mistake will drive to the end of it.

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It is absolutely terrible and doesn't get through standard malware features. It takes ages to load, is slow, hard to read and difficult to navigate. What was wrong with the old one, it worked really well. This is rubbish. The green banners at the top are insulting and seem to have been written by someone with no grasp of manners or grammar.

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