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Advice for Bayern squad


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Please give me advice on who to buy, keep or sell from my Bayern squad.

I currently have 40 million, and my current transfer targets are:

  • Lloris (14.1 million)
  • Gaya (6 million)
  • Danilo (14.2 million)
  • Zlatan (23.4 million)
  • Thiago Silva (30 million)
  • Modric (19.4 million, subject to in active manager leaving, no replacement within 7 days)
  • Ronaldo (40 million, subject to inactive manager leaving, no replacement within 7 days)


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Goalkeepers - I would be surprised if Valdes doesn't drop to 91 so sell before his value drops. If De Gea leaves, as a Utd fan, I'd be comfortable with him being our number one next season however (he wasn't Barca's number one for no reason for a decade or so. I'd prefer we use our resources in other areas of the team, doesn't mean Utd won't go and sign another 'keeper though) In SM terms he's probably the weakest choice however. Bravo will surely rise to 91 so you'll have two 91 'keepers. Lloris at 14mil is a bargain and a top 5 'keeper in the world so personally I'd go for the Frenchman and sell Valdes (even as Utd fan who rates him) I'd keep hold of Bravo for now as I think he can rise easy at a club like Barca, age is my only slight concern but then 'keepers have a lot longer careers. Courtois and De Gea are obviously the best choices and unfortunately I doubt available.

Defenders - You have a nice bunch of defenders and I would keep the majority. Selling Rafinha for Danilo would be great business however. The Bayern guy might get a rise (he's played an awful lot this season) But no doubt Danilo is one, if not the, biggest RB prospect in the world. At Real his rating can really take off. I'd wait and see if Rafinha rises, then sell for Danilo (Lahm and Boateng are others who can play RB so you don't need Rafinha if you get Danilo) Kompany had a poor season but I don't see him dropping just keep an eye on his form next season. Definite keep for now. Thiago Silva is arguably the best CB in the world so if you can get him go for it although it's not the end of world if you don't seen you have top CBs already (I'd probably sell Pirlo to make room if I needed to so Masch. can go into midfield) As I say I like your defence a lot so doesn't need too much work. BTW Gaya is a great young prospect 86-88 so get him ASAP.

Midfielders - As I said before I'd let Pirlo go if anyone had to go. despite his and Juve's quality you can't ignore his age. Doubt you will get much money so to be clear I'd only sell him and or Xabi to raise funds for others (like Thiago who I mentioned above) Ribery is likely to drop whilst Schweinsteiger's best years are behind him so I would look at using these players for some much needed youth in midfield. May require offers to managed clubs. Modric is a small improvement in terms of longevity (on Xabi and Pirlo definitely and Schweinsteiger and Masch. slightly also) but again nearly 30 so wouldn't be a priority for me seen your midfield is old enough and who have similar guys already. I'd look for younger targets.

Strikers - Zlatan is on a downward spiral given his recent drop. Again I would look for a younger target. I would imagine you play one of front seen you only have two strikers. No problem with that but I would definitely buy another striker as cover, three strikers really should be the minimum. I obviously don't need to say much about Ronaldo (if I had to sell someone it would be Ribery for him)

I'd keep Martinez and Benatia for now as I think you have older players which should go first. Both may rise at Bayern in future so I'd hold on to them looking at your squad for now but be aware they are close to their max. so in future it wouldn't surprise if you can find better, younger players.

I like to look at the future of my team so favour youth.

Your midfield needs most work.

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Thanks for your advice.

Due to the Barça manager recently resigning, I have three more additions to transfer shortlist (all robbed from Bayern before I was manager :mad:):

  • Robben (26.1 mil)
  • Neuer (29 mil)
  • Muller (22.5 mil)

This is subject to no manager joining Barça in the transitional period.

Rakitic is also available from external club for 11.5 mil.

Any new thoughts?

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Goalkeepers - Neuer obviously changes the 'keeper situation big-time. No need for Lloris and tbh you'd struggle to even give Bravo enough games with the German. I would sell Valdes now. Ignore Lloris. Sell Bravo after his rise. Sign Neuer and a good young back-up who'll rise, i.e. Scuffet and Hassen (Nice) You don't really need two goalkeepers and there's no need to hedge your bets when you have Neuer (a part of me liked the insurance of Bravo if you went for Lloris and I could see both being 92 in the not so distant future as well so concerns wouldn't have been a problem but with Neuer you'd need to consider concerns as well as everything else)

Defenders - Nothing seems to have changed from my original comment here.

Midfielders - I don't look at the predictions on here much anymore and tbh I haven't seen many people say it but surely Rakitic is due a 93 soon or not too far in the future? If I was you I'd get him. James is argubaly the only CM you have who I'd put ahead of the Croat due to the other's ages and/or form (i.e. Di Maria, a part of me thinks Rakitic is the smarter option at a club like Barca, where he starts and this is coming from a Utd fan as I say!) I'd still keep Di Maria but just trying to make the point as I'm sure most people would say he's your best CM unquestionably, that could change A LOT if you look at the bigger picture.

I have Muller in every team. Good age, top player. I'd sign him no doubt, he'd be my preference vs Ribery easily also and can be used a striker (which ticks another box)

So to be clear.... (I don't know how much is possible without seeing the entire financial picture but in an ideal world, for me...)











Di Maria





Probable keeps/gets (only sell the ones of these you own if you need funds for more 'definites' IMO)


Javi Martinez


Thiago Silva (rate highly just feel you have other priorities)

Modric (same as above)


Robben (would prefer Muller and Ronaldo before the Dutchman and maybe not realistic on top of everyone else)

Don't need



Top priorities to sell for funds


Ribery (to enable Ronaldo)





Aubameyang (don't need him if you get Muller and Ronaldo)

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