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Sanchez, isco or koke

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1) Koke, 2) Isco, 3) Sanchez.

Koke marginally over Isco as I believe he is good enough to be the long-term heir to Iniesta and Xavi for Spain and possibly Barca, his rating could hit really high heights if that occurs. Isco I expect to rise to 92 in the not so distant future and likewise has a great platform to rise considerably at Real. I do feel Koke is the better player however of the two. It's a risk but the rewards could be massive.

Sanchez is third for me (and I expect many to put him first as he is correctly the best player atm) However there's a few things which makes me put him third. He's marginally older, not a big deal but a consideration the other two are still so young despite their experience. The others are also CMs and there's certainly less quality young CMs than there are AM/STs. At Arsenal he can rise but Spain's big two is a greater platform and they are much more likely to have success (I know it's heavily dependent on Koke moving) So that means the SM rating bracket is bigger for Real and Barca over Arsenal. I hate to generalise but also European players retain their ratings much longer than South American's who seem to decline/move home where their ratings plummet. I would always pick a Spaniard, German, Englishman or Italian (big leagues) over a South American on SM if the other factors are so close (i.e. Ronaldinho, Luis Fabiano, Lucio, Juan, Milito, Maxi Rodriguez compared to Terry, Pirlo, Lahm, Zlatan, I know he's Swedish but he's stayed at a top club and Xabi)

ALL 3 are top, top players though.

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