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Please find a better way of investigating multiple accounts

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For the second time in as many months, I have quit a game world after observing another manager join with multiple accounts. This latest one had SEVEN teams. I reported it and the reply cited no action to be taken due to insufficient evidence ... sigh

Please SM, create some new investigative techniques to identify multiple accounts and then follow through with banning those players from the game.

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I'm in a gameworld where one of the managers has over 70 accounts. I've gone through every manager's club list and each manager has about five teams that are all in the same gameworlds as this one manager. Almost none of these accounts ever log in until they're just a few days away from losing their team and then once they do, they go another 25 or so days without being seen. Whenever the one manager has a player request a transfer, he gets an absolutely absurd bid from one of his other accounts. Unfortunately, there's no way to report a transfer deal when the player has requested a transfer so these deals never get undone.

I've reported several of these teams as being controlled by the same person and every time SMFA removes the one manager, but within hours he has another account take back the team. SMFA never removes him from his main team though... maybe because he's a gold manager? I'm not sure. He's the common account I always report but nothing ever happens to that one despite all the others being removed one at a time.

I've been with my team in this world since June 2010, I really don't want to leave it.

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