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New Snake Draft League

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Alright gentlemen, I've recently got back into Soccermanager and I want to make an active league. Here's the thing though, this league will be different.

The divisions will be 6-8 teams each (that way the seasons are over quickly)

We will start off with NO PLAYERS on each team. That means that everyone will start off with 0 players on their teams. We will have a snake draft where if you "draft" a player, only YOU get to bid for that player. That means that if Player X was the first pick of the first round of the draft and he picks Messi, he is guaranteed to get Messi and only he can bid for the player. The draft will be 15 rounds long --- snake draft style. Here's the catch: you will have a specific amount of money (TBD, but it will be sizable to where you can make a lot of transfers >200 million), so your draft will have to be planned accordingly.

In this thread, write down if you are interested in doing this and what your favorite team 3 teams are (If there's multiple people that like a specific team, I'll randomize it and if you don't get it, you may end up getting your second preferred team).

Try to participate only if you have a pretty good idea of real life soccer and if you're willing to stick with it

We need 5 more people for us to complete the 24 teams necessary. Please contact me or post here if you are interested.

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