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Ye Olde English Invitational

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That would be me - no worries

Blyth Spartan have dropped three points off the lead in division 4 but we are now the only unbeaten club in the setup with 8 wins and 3 draws.

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Chairman filled the club up to 21 players from the original 3 players, I thought we might have got lucky and added some value but all were rated 70 or below. We do have one player rated above 70 at the club and he is the Welsh original Blyth Spartans legend Alex Nicholson rated a whopping 74.

Anyway back to real news and we have managed to secure our first three signings:


Andreas Periera (400k) & Nathan Ake (1.5M) & Jose Angel Pozo (550k).

Thanks to Sean and Ash and Nik for the CV sales.

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Fabian Johnson, Maksimovic, Bruma, Alberto Bueno, Nolito, Iturbe and Zaza are signing tonight with Derby, while Jese, Talisca and Rakitic are still making up their minds if they want to be part of this team or not. We'll see after this first round who we further need to complete a decent first XI. A decent GK maybe and a rightback.






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I'm in with Wolves... so far i've got.

Scuffet, Digne, Ginter, Meyer, Lucas Silva, Kirchhoff, Cataldi with Henriquez and Shaw on loan which was very nice.

As i got these for a bit cheaper than i expected (I lost the Talisca battle!) i've plumped for 7 more potential signings who should make the team pretty hard to beat - I want to win the division make no mistake.

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