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Guest Redsky
Same on this. The problem i'm seeing with the valuations is that...

[*]The players values don't increase after they rise' date=' so small teams won't be able to play the riser game at all, which in turn means that the 'little club challenge' managers amongst us will find it impossible to make much headway.


This basically breaks the game for me. It's a terrible, terrible idea and I use the word idea very loosely.

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I thought it would be better to expand on the work that we're currently undertaking so you have a better idea and it also includes some changes as well as new work based on the feedback on our forums

Any word on why some teams and not others are getting wildly varying cash injections? ant seem to see a pattern. Also very annouyed this is happening in a custom i run. Customs should be exempt from whatever this is.

Been wondering about this myself, even some of the big teams in my set-up's are getting money, I've not had a bean so far...

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Any word on why some teams and not others are getting wildly varying cash injections? ant seem to see a pattern. Also very annouyed this is happening in a custom i run. Customs should be exempt from whatever this is.

yes I agree customs should be exempt from this.

Every club should get something pending on their finance (ie no money if they already have plenty) - also, this should apply to clubs at top or bottom - if they need cash

example, I am 3rd in table but only have £331k in bank which will drop into red if i dont get buyer for a player. I 've had to sell best good players to raise finance every season - like most - however, i shouldnt miss out coz am 3rd in league

any thoughts ?

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The problem is the poor financial prizes for winning a league or finishing in a European cup position. I came 3rd in the English league in a gold championship and my reward was just over £5million. It should be more like £15 million or £25 million. Or at least since i have won various trophies and finished in top four for the last 8 seasons my stadium should increase from the starting 35,000 especially as I'm now in season 14. These would be better solutions than huge cash injections.

I do feel cash injections are a good idea, but not only for clubs with huge debt but even for clubs with maybe only 1 or 2 million who may have an injury crisis or are fighting for trophies on 3 or 4 fronts and need some reinforcements. Even a reward for a strong season your chairman will invest big money for one or two top signings.

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The improvements made to the backend Match Engine in the Single Player game will be ported back to PHP and used in the multiplayer game.

Overview of the engine improvements:

  • Formation balancing - improved the results obtained with modern formations.
  • Player Ratings have an exponential value in a match' date=' so the better players will be even better for your team.
    [*']Added more formations such as 4-2-3-1 narrow and 4-4-2 narrow diamond. Also made some alterations to existing formations so that they perform better in the match engine.
  • Made player position penalties harsher. Examples include fullbacks not playing as well in a 3 man defense, wingers not playing as well one position infield from the wing etc.
  • Removed some player / team instructions / styles that were covered by other options that have been left in.
    • Attacking Style means there is an increased contribution from your midfielders against the opposition's midfielders and defense on the designated side of attack. Some examples of the effects of this are: An opportunity to exploit a 3 man defense as they score poorly for left and right sided defense, so playing with wingers will be successful; Trying to play down the middle with less midfielders in the centre than the opposition will worsen your midfield contribution to attack.
    • Selecting a Playmaker will skew the attacking style slightly based on the playmakers position.
    • Passing Style
      • “Short” improves defense slightly, worsens attack slightly.
      • “Direct” improves attack slightly, worsens defense slightly.
      • “Longball” bypasses the midfield vs midfield “battle” and produces a slightly random result - works well for underdogs, quite random in success for better teams against worse teams.


      • “Slow” improves defense slightly and reduces fitness loss slightly
      • “Fast” improves attack slightly and increases fitness loss slightly


      • “Own Area” improves defense slightly and reduces attack slightly
      • “All Over” improves attack slightly and reduces defense slightly.


      • As before - self explanatory

      [*]Tackling Style

      • As before, increased aggression = better defense at expense of increased changes of cards.

    [*]Improved match stats such as possession, corners and shots and player match ratings that are produced

Just a very quick update to say that the above has now been implemented into our two test Game Worlds. It'll be tested over the coming weeks with the aim to putting it live to everyone late Summer.

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This is not a joke or a slur and i'm sure forum feedback is last on the priority list but 28 employees someone could be on this forum non stop in fact the whole social media side answering questions. Also this is a slur instead of hiring former Sega employees sure he probably does wonders but market the bloody product on tv already then hire Sega employees it would have worked out better faster. Look at the crappy Mourinho add and their crappy game it's blew up okay it's a good-ish game but still if you've not spent the 1.3m investment and tax relief money on a Ksi esque Lambo with disgusting paint job or whatever the heck it is looks like purple latex promote the game as as good as word of mouth and social media is you need a new marketing pr guy.

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Stadium Building

The max capacity a stadium can be built to is currently 24' date='000 which is not enough for smaller clubs coming from lower divisions to remain competitive. This will be either be increased to a more realistic value.[/font']


Revise the algorithm that calculates the attendances a club receives so it's more line with their current success.

I've posted an update re this here.

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