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Who is the best RB under 23 years old?

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Just wondering how many LB under 23 be like Alaba' date=' Bernat, Ricardo, Gaya... but not many best U23 RB :( Carvajal and ... ?[/quote']

Do you mean out and out RB in real life terms or just someone that can cover that position in SM???

You have options if it's just SM terms but top of the list would be Marquinhos or Varane...

If it's RL then the likes of Danilo, after that things get tight, De Sciglio could be great if he gets his act together, but the well is somewhat dry to be fair

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I do agree that RB is more sparce than that of the LB position (based on the U23 and 90+or so rating). Just how important is the U23 to you? Darmian at 90 is only 25 and has just signed for United so likely rises soon AND has a wide range of diversity positionally. I'm not too sure of his age but Mustafi from Valencia would be a good pick up. Just recently hit 90 and I think he's capable of upping that further. Also, Jose Gimenez of Atletico might be one to consider. With Miranda at Inter, it'll likely be him and Godin starting (unless Atletico follow through with their speculation and sign Savic and another CB). And yes, I understand he's primarily a CB but he is able to play RB also. It is definitely a difficult one though. Good luck :)

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