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Pavillions Test Game World

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We've created a new test Game World called Pavillions Test Game World. Game World ID 238724. Please feel free to apply for a club. When you enter it you'll see new player valuations/wages and it's different when constructing deals.

This is only on the desktop version, not the app.

We will be introducing other new features over the next few weeks including a new a match engine at the end of the month.

Please leave as much feedback/bugs as possible


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Bugs :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/latest/redev/classes/pages/player/ui_dev/PlayerMainBody_photo.php on line 2845

- Nothing serious, but an eye sore when viewing the player's transfer tab.

Feedback :

Some staggering players value there, I know the player price directly influenced by overall squad and the situation if the player is the highest rated player at the club, but some of them are over the top.

And why does my chairman valued the high rated players from the high rated club same as their chairman value the players? Shouldn't my chairman suppose to value them higher given our status as small club?eg, me as QPR trying to buy 93+

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I find it difficult to gauge the impact of these changes in a new gameworld. Concerns are a big part of those changes and concerns are slowest of slow burners. In addition the lack of competition for players gives you no understanding of how bidding for players will pan out. As I understand it rich clubs can now buy any unattached players they want upto the number of 250. Hopefully concerns will free up some players but cant see it somehow.

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After looking around for a bit, I think the proposed changes will do more damage than good. Most leagues are struggling to retain members and rapidly increasing the wages and making it harder for newer managers to buy players is just going to be more of a hindrance.

There are two things I can think of to improve manager retention:

1. squad caps, so that new managers aren't unable to buy talent due to the top teams hogging them all (my game world has squad caps of 45-60 depending on stadium size and it works well)

2. improving the match engine

Having it so that a club's balance affects how much they can bid, only benefits the richest and best teams and just discourages new players.

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And I speak as someone who manages the club with the largest stadium capacity in my league (Manchester United - under our squad cap we've implemented, I can have up to 45 players). The massive increase in wages won't affect those with the largest capacities - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United etc. But they will be detrimental to everybody else and will just make things worse and see more people leave struggling leagues.

At least with squad caps, it makes things fairer while not making managers feel like they've been screwed over and unable to bring in players.

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The loan wages change done months ago (having it so the parent club pays half the wages) and the changes here that concerns can't be bought off are huge steps in the right direction, I just honestly feel that the good done in those two things are undone by hindering newer clubs with the fee and wage changes.

If you're adamant on the wage increases, then at the least there should be the ability for clubs with smaller stadia to increase their stadium capacity

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There are two major points incorrect:

1) stadium building

It is essential for a small team that can increase earnings through the attendance of spectators. Otherwise no small team can never recruit top players and compete with the top teams. So it's crucial to have the possibility to expand the capacity of the stadium

2) NO to concerns that can devalue a player

In this http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/sm-worlds/soccer-manager-game-development/suggestions-improvements/5096765-squad-sizes-player-hogging-free-agents topic ALL MANAGERS, ALL, were opposed to the possibility that the preoccupations of a player could devalue its value IN REAL LIFE. Allow that a factor of game, different from every single game world, can change the real skill of a player means ruin forever this fantastic game. PLEASE STOP IT

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I was mulling over some things I read about squad caps and various things like that, yes you do get hoggers. However, it is always likely that whilst you may say someone is hogging and he has 178 players, it is likely that you have around 50-70 yourself. I personally don't think squad caps are a way forward as I believe in strong youth systems and loaning out players that are not quite good enough to play in the first team but are too good to keep in the u21s. I would put forward that like in other football management games, you are required to register a squad for the league, thus the cup and the shield, usually a squad of 25-30 and then a squad of 25-28 for european leagues (champs league) thus whilst someone may have a great deal of players, not all can be played, some may get unhappy over not being registered to play in champions league and therefore concerns grow and his value drops and sells for cheap. Yes, i do like a big squad, usually 20-23 first team and then at least 15 youth team members and maybe 10 or so 87s-89s on loan to other clubs. Chelsea start with a 52 man squad these days on SM so I think you're going to crop players out that actually exist if you cut it down.

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I also like the wages and values, some are a bit much, but i think a players value should be affected on factors such as signing a new contract (possibly having the option as a manager to adjust how much [capped obviously at an amount fitting to a rotation/first team and key player]) also factors like having just signed to a new club - in real life you can't get a player for his true lower value if he has literally just signed for another team, so for a season or first half of a season should have a 25%+ value increase

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I'd like to share a few spontaneous thoughts, based on an example with one of my own teams...

I have over a couple of seasons brought a Grimsby town side up to the premiership, seriously contending for the league title. I've got players like Suarez, Bale, Muller and a few others that are costing me quite a lot in wages (I'm loosing a lot playing at home, and even more playing away). My only real source of income (since my stadium is pathetic) is selling players. However, since I've got all those big names, it really doesn't matter that I buy a talented 82 rated player who then gets upped to 86-87. I will still be selling him at a loss, since he's valued in relation to Gareth Bale. With the new valuations, I will at least be getting more money for my players when I sell them to AI teams. But with the new wages in place, that will probably not matter, since it will break the back of my finances once and for all.

- Scrap the increased wages. (Why not focus on increased concerns for lack of playing time when it comes to controlling player hogging?)

- Keep the new value system. It's simply more realistic. (A team like Barcelona wouldn't sell Suarez cheaper than another team just because they've got Messi in the squad as well.) And it can actually help smaller clubs you just need to buy players long term, before they get upped, and sell them once they do to make a profit.

- Stadiums play too big a factor when it comes to finances. There should be a way to expand your stadium, or at least a ticket price slider that will result in more income if you have a smaller stadium but are producing strong results that make your fans prepared to pay more for a ticket.

- Increase side income as a product of winning titles / finishing at the top of the league. Income like sponsor deals, tv money and merchandising would realistically be a bigger factor!

When it comes to minor tweaks, it think keeper injuries should be introduced in the name of realism (as for now, you don't need a back up keeper). Also, I think it would be realistic if injuries were reset (or at least decreased by a good number of weeks) in between seasons, since irl quite some time passes in between seasons. Furthermore, please give us the opportunity to set our own squad numbers - just because we can...

And oh... I'm not sure it's a good idea to value forwards higher than more defensive players, although that's often the case irl when it comes to the very top players. It's hard finding good defensive players as it is (it probably has to do with the fact that attacking players are easier to spot and therefore get upped more readily). If they were to - relatively speaking - become less valuable, I think there would be an even tighter market for good defenders, making it almost impossible signing a top class one. (Look around and see how many defenders you find that are rated at +92 and compare it to attacking players.)

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