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Guest Redsky

So we've been implementing a Financial Fair Play system in our Gameworld and I've been doing some research on how the finances are formed and I've noticed something a bit off.

N.B. We're using Normal Economy.

So i'm playing as Nottingham Forest and my Merchandise value is £79,464 for those who don't know this value won't ever change during the season. We're currently into Week 10 (having just played our 18th League Fixture). You would therefore assume that the value should be £794,640, it's at however £1,073,097. So where has the £278,457 come from?

Another thing I've noticed is that the Ticket Price, Sponsor Fee and GM Fee is identical for every Division 1 Club.

Ticket Price = £20.80

Sponsor Fee = 7.80

GM Fee = £5.20

So given that my stadium sells out, where has the money from the Season Tickets come from? I assume this is being looked at so hopefully it gets fixed/addressed. Would be pretty neat if we were allowed to change the ticket prices for ourselves and have a little more control over them but I assume that would cause all kinds of headaches from a storage point of view which I gather is why you've used global figures?

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Guest Redsky

Right, so I worked out that the Merchandise is wrong. For some reason its not changing per week but having done a bit more digging I realised that:

- League Games = £2.60

- Cup Games = £2.60

- Europe Games = £2.50

But for whatever reason it's showing the most recent week value for every week. In the OP's case (79,464) and given that my attendance was 30,563 you can see how I came to that figure. Anyway... could you fix the merchandise finances please! :)

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