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suggestion development: loan players


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suggestion to improve SMworld

2 minutes ago

I'm suggesting manager's should be the one taking the decision on who to loan instead of the club chairman because most time good player eg.(90-92)rating will not have playing opportunity.so they should be loan out.the managers are the one to decid who to play not the chairman,so to give them some playing time and avoid player concern. SMFA let the manager take full control on who to loan-out .fellow manager's if u all agree make u intention known via comment.THANKS

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In real football any player can be loan out

I don't think this is true, because in real life a player can decline a certain loan if it is not in his interest and since there is no AI for players in this game, their interest is protected by the chairman in a fair way and although there are some irregularities in this game, this is certainly not one of them.

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