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Which defensive midfielder should i buy?

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Would MARTINEZ Javi drop in rating? He hasent played yet this season and i feel like his rating of 92 is at trouble. I am desperate for a player like him in my team. and at current age and rating he would be an amazing addition for my team. I can get him for £30 million which is a very reasonable amount of sum for a player for his age and rating in my very competitive game world. My other options include getting KRYCHOWIAK Grzegorz, BENDER Sven and BIGLIA Lucas. So who should I get?

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Well for a starters BENDER is an absolute no go, he hasn't played a lot this season after coming back from injury, KRYCHOWIAK doesn't have a lot of minutes for a Sevilla side that are struggling at the moment (18th), BIGLIA has also not played a lot this season and isn't really doing well and MARTINEZ hasn't played at all, so all the players listed above are actually pretty bad options for that CDM position, if I were you I'd invest the money into a lower rated player with much more potential (have a look at some 88-90 players to see if any are available) but otherwise I'd go for MARTINEZ for the short term.

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Personally I use Martinez as a CB, I feel he is more suited for that. His injury voided any opportunity he had to increase in rating, but they do not downgrade injured players. Thus he should be safe until the next Germany update. Until then I would buy him, he's fantastic (3 goals and 7 assists through 22 games in my game world as a CB). I would also consider looking at Yaya Toure (should be somewhere around 15 mil if he's at an unmanaged club), Andre Gomes (Semi-unknown, but is 90 rated and only 22 years old, should be valued at around 12 mil), Francis Coquelin (Probably the safest option on here, getting a lot of minutes at Arsenal, an upgrade is surely in his future, and is valued at around 5 mil in both my game worlds), Emre Can (Great, young, and might get an upgrade depending on his play under the new manager [Please be Klopp!]). Potential Young and up-coming guys like Dele Alli or Ruben Neves could also be worth a look as they'll surely upgrade soon.

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