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Streak to the top - A gameworld based on a forum game

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Streak To The Top - A gameworld based on a forum game

Welcome to my first concept, and probably the only one that I'll fund if I have enough interest. I have been trying to get this posted for a while, so if you are seeing this, thank goodness! This gameworld revolves around concepts from a now sadly defunct forum game similarly named: Streak to the top. For those of you who don't know what it is, I have provided a link. Basically one person would post 3 games that would occur that day with a outcome to bet on (i.e: whether player B would score, whether a team would win by a certain margin, etc.). If you won your bets, you would get as many points added to your tally as bets you won. If you lost a bet, your points would reset to 0. You could always abstain, but someone could always get ahead of you by doing so. The goal was to have the most points(aka. the longest running streak). For this gameworld, I have modified it for a more suitable concept. Instead of having someone post the bets every gameday(too biased), there will be a list of possible bets that a player can choose from, so long as they meet the current conditions of said bets. This list will be agreed upon by the players before the start of the season. The rules for bets will be:

1. No betting on your own game(biased)

2. All bets must be posted before the start of the game that is chosen to bet on by a player.

3. If the bet post is edited after the game has run, the person's monthly count will default to 0.

4. The players with the most points in each division at the end of a month will win a prize player of a certain caliber.

5. The players with the most points at the end of a season will get a increase in budget and/or can buy some players 1 rating over the current rating cap.

6. More than 1 player can have the same bet on the same game.

If you feel that there should be a rule that is not here, post. I will consider your suggestion.

The game rules for this setup will be:

Buying from unmanaged - OFF

Squad cap - still not agreed upon

Economy - still not agreed upon

The rating cap will increase by 1 every season. The rating cap has not been defined yet(up for debate).

Each team will start with empty squads and must have a stadium capacity of 40k or less(still up for debate).

The number of teams have not been defined, however, there is a pretty good chance that there will be 2 divisions.

Managers Interested:

1. Me

This concept is still in it's planning stages, so I am open to suggestions. In fact, I would love it if people presented as many suggestions as they'd like to. I will only be accepting loyal managers, as finding new ones can really be a pain. Please leave your interest if you would like to be in this gameworld.

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