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USDL - US Development League

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If everyone is okay with me taking the Orange County Blue as they are technically based in Los Angeles' date=' California.

Otherwise i'm fine with being in the random draw as well. :)[/quote']

I can't see the problem. :)

I'm not too fussed about my team.

I mean, I prefer to start as low as possible, so that would mean a Division 2 club.

But any team would be fine, really. ;)

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Will be out of town for the whole of next week' date=' but I still want to get involved in this! When will this get going?

If it's not possible I can be first on the waiting list, don't mind. :)

As for teams, I don't mind any.[/quote']

I hope we'll get another 4 managers and do the teams draw in the next couple of days.

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I could try and recruit the 4 remaining managers' date=' if you want. :)

EDIT: Just to be clear, 75 is the signing cap and not rating cap, right?

Otherwise scouting wouldn't be duly rewarded imo.[/quote']

Sure, go ahead and ask people to join if you know they are serious and won't leave the setup after 2-3 losses. I've sent some invites myself but no replies so far.

Yes, 75 is obviously the signing cap, if they rise you could keep them until they are 23 years old.

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Ok, let's draw! :)

As you see below each team has a number from 1 to 16

I will use a function called "List Randomizer" at Random.org to generate a list of managers and then we'll pair each manager with a team (ie. manager No.2 gets team no. 2 - manager 11, team 11 and so on)


Division 1

1. Austin Aztex - Keystone

2. Carolina RailHawks - Huddo

3. Saint Louis FC - LauraAFCA

4. Tampa Bay Rowdies - ToniKroos8

5. Tulsa Roughnecks - Altai Barron

6. VSI Tampa Bay - Keith Fitz

7. Wilmington Hammerheads - Noisy

8. Virginia Cavalry FC - son of pluto

Division 2

9. Arizona United SC - KopStar

10. Indy Eleven - Gozzy

11. Jacksonville Armada - Sir Rahul

12. Minnesota United - pedrooliveira

13. San Antonio Scorpions - KJKJ

14. Rochester Rhinos - Loredan

15. Louisville City - hoyle87

16. Orange County Blues - Pip

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GW has been created

"You are currently in position 1 in the Custom Game World creation queue. Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT)."

Please let me know your in-game usernames where to send invitations.


It would probably be better if you set it to "private application" mode,

Due to that long standing SM bug, which sometimes doesn't let you offer clubs to managers who have available slots.

That said, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to offer me my club; username - ronaldomessi. :P

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