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USDL - US Development League

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No worries mate' date=' accepted

Still waiting for ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 for a couple of days and at the same time we have 2 lads interested to join.

Are you guys cool to get rio31 and adisbegic10 in ?[/quote']

Well, both lads had more than enough time to apply, so I don't see the harm in letting the other 2 in.

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It's bloody incredible: I've had like 10 cases, during my SM history, where I had a matching bids with someone - most of them 2 way disputes - and I haven't won a single one!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Screw you, SM! :mad:

Pretty happy with my players tho, approximately 25 uncontested risers.

Let's just hope those SW slackers do their job properly... :o

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Carolina RailHawks squad of 30 players will be complete with only 15 mil spent.

We will now be known as Tightarse FC or the club with players no-one else wanted :P

Tightarse FC its me I guess. Only spent 5.8 mil on 14 players :) I thought managers will use common sense :P and not bid 2 mil on each player I was already bidding but meeeh lost on most quality players. Guess I'll have to get used with Div 2 for a looong time :)

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Time to win the Division and get promoted!


10 games left, we're third but it's a tight league, one point away from the top, game on!

Haha, my goalkeeper won't have to turn up then B). Name is Zeus de la Paz. Cracking name.

The guy dropped to 70 mid-way :/ but well he'll be leaving soon.

It'll be a straight 3 points for me every time.

2 draws and 2 losses against Pedro's Minnesota so far, I spoke to soon. 


Bumping the thread up too, as I was looking for the rules.

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