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The Stoop Prem. League - the best & most competitive custom GW for advanced managers

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Welcome to The Stoop Premier League Thread, Game World ID: 6569

The Stoop Premier League was founded in 2008 by John Willis (Manchester United)

The Stoop Premier League is modeled after the Brookfield Premier League (ID: 7664) – “The most realistic custom gameworld.” The Brookfield Premier League has created the best transfer market and competitive league of any custom gameworld out there. The Stoop Premier League will build off of its model in hopes of building the best and most competitive atmosphere you can find.

Current Rules: (10/2/15)

Private Application (managers of SM Reputation 100+)

Login Requirements set to SM default

Transfer Windows = Turn 1-5 and Turn 20-24

SMFA monitoring transfers on

Voting on squad limit

Voting on transfer windows

Gameworld access; Private Application = No managers with SM Reputation below 100 will be accepted into The Stoop Premier League unless that manager comes with an accountable reference.

Prize Layout for Winning (Free to Play):

(Must have at least 30+ managers in gameworld for prize packs to be awarded)

Division 1 - 2500 SM Coin

Division 2 - 1500 SM Coin

Division 3 - 750 SM Coin

SMFA Champions Cup - 2000 SM Coin

SMFA Shield - 1000 SM Coin

League Cup and Shield - 750 SM Coin

Charity Shield and SMFA Super Cup - 250 SM Coin

50+ managers in gameworld = price packages increase…

Division 1 - 5000 SM Coin

Division 2 - 3000 SM Coin

Division 3 - 1500 SM Coin

SMFA Champions Cup - 3000 SM Coin

SMFA Shield - 2000 SM Coin

League Cup and Shield - 1500 SM Coin

Charity Shield and SMFA Super Cup - 750 SM Coin


In an effort to maintain a realistic transfer market and fair play for new managers there will be a squad limit enforced. We are currently voting on the limit (10/2/15).

If a manager is unwilling to comply the issue will be addressed by the board of trustees; Jess Jobe (Real Madrid), Jason Hines (AC Milan), and John Willis (Manchester United). If the issue persist the manager will be asked to leave the gameworld. If unwilling to politely exit the gameworld the SMFA will be contacted in order to have that manager removed and banned.

Transfer Windows

We are currently voting on transfer windows. I have proposed there be two transfer windows just as there are in real life. This will make it more realistic and fun to make transfers in the opening weeks of the season and off-season.

Suggestions Welcome!

Please feel free to discuss and debate any rule updates or adjustments to the set-up. Our hope is that the Stoop Premier League will be the most competitive and fun custom gameworld on SM. Join the conversation and apply for your club today!

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