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Just a couple of questions: Is the squad cap now 50 or 40?

What are the transfer window dates?


Nick (Porto)

Good questions. The squad cap is 40.

The transfer window can only be set on Turn 1 each season. So there is currently an open transfer market, and this will not be changed until Turn 1 of next season. I will update you with the dates(or turns) which the transfer windows will be open at the start of next season.

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Match Day 29: FC Copenhagen vs Steaua Bucuresti

FC Copenhagen welcome Steaua Bucuresti to Parken today as we enter the last 10 matches of the season. In his first season managing a Stoop Premier League side Madrigal has yet to suffer a defeat in league play. Currently the club is on a 10 game unbeaten streak and looking to tie the club record which currently stands at 11 games.

In their last meeting it was a whole different lineup for Copenhagen who brought home 3 points winning 4-3 back in August. With a strengthened XI and a playoff spot within reach we show you the side that Madrigal will be running with today. The club is using the 4-4-2 which they used to defeat Blackburn 2-0 on Thursday night.





Today's key to watch in this game has to be Sebastian Giovinco the former Toronto FC striker. In his 5 appearances since joining FC Copenhagen, Giovinco has 3 goals and 4 assists. Last but not least the prediction for today's match, I believe we'll see another high scoring affair between these two with Copenhagen coming out on top 4-2

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Season 23 Update: The new season has just began. We recently added some fantastic managers to the set-up in Garry Crawford at Benfica, Mathew Morris is back at Monaco, and Ivan Anic at Fiorentina. The league is currently at 35 managers! 

The league is becoming more active having brought in many interactive and sporting managers. The environment is fantastic and we hope it continues to grow!  

We could use a few more quality managers...

Division 2 clubs available:

Everton has a solid combination or current players and available balance. The current squad is worth 94 mil, but the club has 221 mil in the bank. Everton has some decent players to start with including some youngsters, but plenty of cash to help improve the squad very quickly. 

Shakhtar Donetsk is similar to Everton. There is plenty to do to restore the club, but the resources are available. With 48 current players, 182 mil in the bank, and a current squad already worth 140 mil. Shakhtar would be a great place for an ambitious and patients manager to start climbing the tables. 

There are a few more division II clubs with similar resources; ranging from 106-124 mil available balances, and current squad is worth between 172-198 mil. These clubs include Espanyol, Zenit, Palermo, and Hamburg.

Division 3 clubs available:

Manchester City Having four 90+ rated players still and a wealth of youth players, City would be the perfect place for someone to start building. With 148 mil in the bank you can get started right away. 

Dynamo Kyiv is another club that could flourish with an experienced and committed manager. Currently worth 144 mil it is the highest valued unmanaged club available to manager at the moment. Kyiv also holds 132 mil in the bank to work with. Kyiv has 11 players below the age of 30 rated 88-89. Not a bad start. 

Werder Bremen also has a solid foundation of players to deal with valued at 131 mil and having 141 mil in the bank. Bremen has a lower avg. rating than Kyiv, but also a lower avg. age, with some sure to be risers included in the squad still. 

Hapoel Tel Aviv If it's cash you are after... take a look at Hapoel. With 233 mil in the bank this side could be transformed very quickly. Beyond Fraser Forster the current squad doesn't have much to offer, but there are plenty of players available to buy to get Hapoel on the rise!

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On 10/11/2016 at 1:17 PM, Ashraf said:

I would like to join

Ashraf, we would love to have you join! Check out which clubs are available and apply for whichever you choose! We have only had 2 games of the new season so far, so it's a great time to get in and get to work. Cheers!

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On 10/13/2016 at 9:15 PM, gweim said:

I don't have an open slot right now but will come November and would be interested in taking one of the open teams. I'll keep it in mind. 

Please do keep us on your shortlist for your next club slot! I am confident you would enjoy the league very much, gweim!

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I am surprised no one has taken interest in the Manchester City job. They have 4 players rated 90+ (transfer bans will expire soon), and 148 mil to build with. There are 89-90 rated players frequently being sold for cash, so someone could build a decent squad pretty quick. There's a 40 player squad cap, so there are lots of players and youth available for cash or being sold periodically by managers. City is desperate for a good, committed manager to bring the club back to life! 

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