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So I had to type this up....again,..because the crap forum system decided it wanted to perform a Big Brother in silencing what I wanted to say (I'm kidding) by relogging me, Everyone who plays the SM Worlds part of the game knows that ads are displayed on the game screen. People who have played for not even a long time have seen the, "Date Arab Women", or "Filipino Singles," or whatever it is and have put up with it for a while. But today, a ad that was displayed showed a little more than just your regular ad of these kinds (you know what I mean) (I didn't screenshot and post here it for obvious reasons). As SM has described in their brand new trailer for SM 2016, people play SM in a variety of settings, including work. It is definitely not cool when one of those ads come up in such a setting. So I am asking SM to please tone down the content of the ads that are displayed on the game portion of the web.

Now, I know that this has been presented before, and all sorts of points were made against such a proposal. I have sufficient rebuttals for all of the major ones.

Why don't you just download AdBlock? SM should cater to the average person, not just people that it tells to get AdBlock. Also, some people don't like/can't download and get such things to work. Also, if a admin told a person to install it, they are being a idiot because for every user that installs AdBlock, SM gets less money.

We can't tone down the content displayed in the ads. I call a great disgusting growth of rot on this. Let me explain why. There was a now-completely shutdown for financial reasons music service called plug.dj. They did not want to have ads on the site, and in the final days of the service, they had to. One person asked the people who ran the service why weren't the ads producing enough revenue for them. The reasons were: a) 75% of the users used AdBlock or some other adblocking service (oh, the irony!) and B) They did not want to have the really odd "dating" ads plastered across users' screens, so they didn't get as much money from the ads as they would if they had allowed it. The cinch? They had a similar or the same exact ad service as SM does now (and even if I'm wrong, it shows there is a ad service that does do such a thing). If SM doesn't want to do it, it's because they want to make money (which in all reality, is hypocritical if they say to download AdBlock) or something else, but not that they can't do it.

Your search history determines the ads that are displayed. Oh, really? I didn't know that having a public computer that wipes its cookies and history every time someone else logs in brings up those dating ads. I also didn't know that if you search for anything but "arab women" and "dating", you get those dating ads.

So please consider what I have said, as I do not want to play a game where such inappropiate ads are plastered across my page. If you want me to show the example of a admin telling someone to install AdBlock I found while searching for topics like this, I'll be obliged to provide the proof. I don't mean this with hard feelings, its just that SM has not been doing a good job with customer relations in general recently.

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Kinda agree re some of the ads; I get stuff advertised that Ibve never searched for and get ads even if I have ad block on.... also why do gold members now get ads coming up in the view screen when about to get the game? kinda defeats the idea of being a gold member if you dont get any preferential treatment re this.

Been a gold member for a long time but am thinking.....

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