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Andy Jeffo

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Andy Jeffo has ruined almost every Gold Championship he enters by cheating. It's not a case of 'I wonder if it's just a bad deal', it's blatant. He makes new managers and puts them in several of his worlds, then cheats in each giving him a huge advantage. He's done it numerous occasions, probably using over 10 new identities. Myself and other managers continually send tickets to complain about his cheating, yet he always remains in charge of his clubs. I don't even receive notification of a ticket on the numerous times I've tried reporting him. It's got so bad, he openly brags about his cheating in the newsfeeds!!

I have two main questions about this manager:

1) Why don't the SMFA remove him from all his worlds and cancel his membership? He is clearly breaking rules in the terms and conditions that Soccer Manager demand we follow. How many more worlds will you let him ruin with cheating? Yes, perhaps he provides you with a good source of income, but sooner or later other managers who enjoy playing honestly will get fed up and quit the game. Hardly the best long term business model.

2) Why am I not getting notification of tickets every time I report this character? Is he some kind of SM god that is untouchable, unreportable and unmovable??

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1 hour ago, celticpa said:

well, he's still at it in gold 1 now so not much has changed. Its a joke SM let this go on!!!

He's in loads of GWs and has loads of accounts still. Someone spoke to him on Facebook and he said he wouldn't cheat any more, but that turned out to be rubbish.

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