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League of Laughters


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Am I right in thinking it's:

Max 35 squad size (by turn 4 if starts higher)

750k wage budget (div 1)

No p/ex will be allowed

Can buy from external

Are they the main rules for during the 1st season?

Yup. And spending budget of 30mil+ sales for Div 1. When everyones in Ill send out a gameworld announcement confirming everything and adressing the issues of the dodgy squad values and opening bidding. Only a few more to go and we're stocked.

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Apologies to craig who i was too impatient to wait for. Should hopefully join soon (says hes been online a bit) but even so lots out there to play with.

Copy of gameworld announcement.


With only craig left this is an official announcement overlining the key rules to be aware of.

A reminder that Division 1 teams start with 30million spending and a 750k wage budget. A Divsion 2 team starts with 20million and 700k wage budget. These are both STRICTLY enforced with punishments for even slight infringements mentioned on the forum thread.

Spending money can be increased through player sales but THIS IS CAPPED AT 100 MILLION. This is the new initiative for this season only that I am implementing to help balance things out with the weird player values SM gave which now means theres almost 100million differential in Division two.

This basically means that the maximum any Division 1 side can spend this season is 130 million, even if they make 200mil in sales. However you can never exceed your starting balance + current sales. Saying but I have a bid accepted on player X and the money will be in tomorrow is no sufficient. Also reminder that whatever is left will not carry over to next season. This is not 130/120mil- your spending but rather (starting budget + sales) - spending.

I have P/E off so we can make it easier to monitor wage changes. We can still deal in P/Es as long as theyre announced and dont break any rules.

Squad cap is 35. This will include all loaned out players. Everyone must satisfy this criteria by turn 4. If you have players you cant cancel the loan back then you will be allowed to list these players in the offseason of next season.

Wage bills will be pegged to final league finish and I will unveil this in the coming days. BE WARY OF THIS. Saying "I have too many players under TB to get under budget for next season" will attract a hefty punishment.

Rules will also be implemented next season again I want to see what happens with the market this season before deciding on the structure.

Any further questions please message or post in game.


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Just a question, idk if this has already been addressed or not:

When a player's rating increases, his salary stays put till the following season, right?

Because if that ain't the case and someone gets punished for going over the wage budget cap, due to good scouting, that would be pretty stupid. :o

I believe a riser's salary remains the same for the entire season (the one where he rose).

But if I'm wrong, surely we don't want to punish people for good scouting... ;)

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Happy to have any of the FFP people to be certain and confirm but Im pretty sure you're right about wages changing the next season. Look of course I dont want to punish people for bad scouting but at the same time I cant let people go over the wage bill. Good scouting will get you cheap players and yes you might have to sell others to accommodate but its the whole balancing act that this whole mechanism causes. That said theres obviously a big difference between buying wrecklessly and going over the cap and going over due to rises.

Just in addition any idea whats up with craig? Sent multiple messages in game and in forum to no response.

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Jordan Henderson, Kevin Trapp and Mateo Kovacic are all heading to Stoke for a combined fee of just a bit under 30million.

For the setup Stoke have a decent starting side but had 3 deficient areas with only an 85 keeper and the best CM options being rated only 87 (after terminanting van Ginkel's loan) so to have those all addressed straight up is very pleasing.

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