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League of Laughters


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Sunderland want to bring in some youth, to mix in with some of their more experienced players.

Oblak will come in right away, and take the starting job from Pantilimon.

Romagnoli should come in and start right away as well. Who his partner will be, Coates or Vergini will have to decide that with their play.

Tielemans and Embolo, should be solid players in the future, and will most likely come off the bench for Sunderland.

The Black Cats were also able to sign Andreas Christensen, who is turning out to be a very solid CB, and should rise any time now. Also, they picked up Mahmoud Dahoud, who is in for a rise as well. Both players, could find themselves on the bench for Jason Hines' squad, in the very short future.

Sunderland have 15 Players Transfer Listed, so, they will be looking for future first team players, when they are able to pick up a bit more cash.

All in all, total transfers come out to 28.3 Mil Spent. Just under their budget of 30 Mil to start the season.

Come on ya Black Cats!

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Good start. As I said in game Braga and CSKA have been very impressive first up.

My spending was perfect. Spent 29.9million and fall about 6k under budget.

And now a team of something like

Trapp (88)

Johnson (89) Wollscheid (88) Shawcross (88) Pieters (88)

Kovacic (89) HENDERSON (91)

Arnautovic (88) Afellay (89) Shaqiri (89)

Diouf (89)

Looks a fair competent team to start the season with a very talented middle of the pitch.

Finish preseason against Keith's easybeats Hannover before starting the season against Braga.

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Well that was the biggest screw up for the start of the season lol...

Went to see Micheal Mcintrye yesterday and my head has been so into selling my flat I totally forgot to cancel Alba...

So sorry to everyone for breaking the rules and i'll make sure Cech, Alba and Martinez don't play (unless it's a cup game that I have no control of)

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3-3 draw with Braga. Goals to Pieters, Diouf and Whelan. Conceded an 88th minute equaliser which is annoying.

But upon hearing news that KopStar the legendary manager managed to get Stoke to score 3 times in a game, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Bale, Reus, Muller and Lewandowski's agents are all desperate to secure a move for their clients.

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Actually after having more time to think about this, I think the right punishment should be to sell the players PSV bought to break the budget. A season suspension will be too hard to control IMO. There will be some time when you are very busy in real life and may have your 'suspended' players getting picked automatically

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BUGETS FOR SEASON 2: They have three classes: Winners: Mediocrity and Losers:

Division 1:

1. 815k

2. 800k


3. 750k

4. 750k

5. 750k


6. 700k

7. 700k

8. 700k

Division 2:

1. 750k

2. 735k

3. 735k


4. 700k

5. 700k

6. 700k


7. 650k

8. 650k

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"You all now know what to expect for next season wages wise. Its important to not a lot of players being bought in will be TB at the start of next season. Plan accordingly so you can adjust your wages if you are relegated. You've all been warned so no excuses for relegated (or bottom of div 2 finishing) sides not being under budget when Season 2 starts.

Apologies for so many announcements but theres obviously a lot going on in here. Will probably send one more this season on the possibility of rules. "

I think all of our players will be TB'd by the start of the next season. It would be too harsh if someone replaces their whole squad this season, and gets punished if they're above the wage budget next season.

Let them instead not be able to buy until they come back under the wage budget no?

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Well firstly youve got a cap on how much you can sell which is under everyones initial starting budget so in theory everyone would have some players left over. So basically dont go replacing the whole squad leave some behind or operate at a wage budget that is below what youre on, or just dont get relegated :D

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