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Major League Baseball

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Just wondering if anybody watches I started watching game here and there last season wasn't really that into it but it was the video game for ps4 that got me interested as they update player stats similar to SM only on a weekly basis and it's based off weekly performances. Anyway this season I have watched quite a lot of games more than football lately the time schedules are killing me though 1 to 3 am being u.k based. I watched my first Home Run Derby which incorporated new rules this year and it was so much fun as was the All Star game.

It's been great with so many rookies coming through such as C.Correa , K.Bryant , J.Pedersen and making huge impacts as well as Toronto Blue Jays aquring Troy Tulo which everyone was like that's a bad move by Colorado and he's completely turned their defence around whilst their offence is just insane with J.Donaldson , Joey Bat & Edwin ect.

I always thought it was boring and similar to Cricket which i absolutely hate (C.Granderson just robbed a HR) as we speak v Cubs for NY Mets anyway as i was saying i think it's great especially if you learn the rules which are pretty basic as are positions. There are loads of abreviated words like AB BA OPS RHP LHP SB RHB LHB and many more that i had no idea what they were but playing the game or watching or a quick google and you know.

The season is about to come to a close and will begin in March next year ( i think) there abouts anyway but i find it crazy home many games they play a season something like 162 then there is post season which adds even more game. I really like the mental aspect of it it's a joy to watch pitchers like J.Arieta C.Kershaw J.De Grom ect i can't get my mind round how they can throw in some game over 100 pitches at between 80 and 97-100 mph when my arm kills after a few throws to my dog lol. I even watched the junior softball and womens softball i'm getting that into it. There's this girl think she's 11 or something she's a local superstar and people think she is going to be a pitcher for a MLB club in the future but the funny thing is she prefers basketball to baseball.

Any if you've never really took notice of baseball and your looking for another sport to watch beside football i'd really reccomend it but i'd suggest going to twitch and watch people play the game and if you have a ps4 get the actual game because it really gets you into and helps you understand it as obviously there's no better way to get to know the game than actually playing it and unless your in Aisia or NA it's probably unlikely you'll have a league you could join the ps4 game is the best you can get.

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