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So Danny Ward (Aberdeen on loan from Liverpool) got a new rise after 1 month only.

Suggestion: next time got rise him once. Rose after 4 weeks is non-sense. Same Jefferson Farfan fall 2 times too in two months from 91 to 88.

But Demba Ba is still 90 rp after he joined a chinese team 4 months ago. This is non-sense too. This is idiot.


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I wonder which suckers make these changes and on what statistics. I play SM already many years and it's too bad that you can't even have your own club with every player as in real. Only the big clubs have always the real players, but in the Dutch Jupiler League enough clubs that haven't all the right players as in real life. For example: Tarik Tissoudali plays already 1,5 year at Telstar but he is still not in the game!!! What the heck??? This voting system is just very stupid. Before I could create new players, but not anymore now. Just put in every country a few people that always update the clubs and leagues of their country, because soccer wiki is really bull. So many incorrect players, I just can't stand that. Ofcourse those clubs are not important enough, but in England even the 7th league would be correctly. There are so many things that still could be so much better and the new changes are really bad. I can't delete the whole squad anymore from the tactics and sort them at fitness or rating. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT SM???

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Xavi, possibly the greatest central midfielder ever, fell from 95 to 89 in one year. ONE YEAR. and this was a year in which he won HIS SECOND TREBLE.


meanwhile Daniele De Rossi is still rated higher than 90/91. Yaya Touré only dropped -1 for that abysmal showing last season. and Kaka is still rated 90 despite the fact that he hasn't been a serious footballer since 2011.

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