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AM as CM and LW/RW as LM/RM !!!! Playing players out of position

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It would be great if I could get a simple answer to this...because I am furious.

I thought that the SM engine took account of player positions. If players were played out of position (i.e. it was not their first or second position) they would be penalized in game. The player would play badly and the team would lose.

I have designed my team around this premise. For example, I could have brought TURAN 92. But he is an AM (RCL). This should mean that he would play badly in a 3-5-2 set up, because it has a flat 4 in midfield (RM/CM/CM/LM) with a DM behind. Forcing an AM (RCL) to play as RM, CM or LM should penalize the player and the effect on their play in game...using this logic, should be negative.

Assuming all of this, I have purchased players and designed my team to fit a 3-5-2. If a player is RW....but has RM as back up...I will buy, as I can fit him in. If a player is RW with no secondary position...I WILL NOT BUY, AS HE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PERFORM IN A RM POSITION.

Then I play a game....I come up against someone who has an AM as CM and RW as RM!!!!! Neither have secondary positions...but they BEAT ME!!

How is this possible? Can someone please give me a simple answer. Can you play an AM as an CM and a (R/L)W as a (R/L)M???

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Okay...okay. So to be clear...it is possible to play a straight AM in a CM or even RM or LM role in a 4-4-2 formation (i.e. with a flat midfield). Also, it is possible to play straight wingers at RM or LM in a 4-4-2...even when it is not listed as a primary or secondary playing position?

Craziness. I expected a bit more from the SM game engine, but oh well. At least I now know what is possible. I am going to buy the likes of COUTINHO and force him into a flat midfield. Stuff it!

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although very distasteful, such things are allowed in the current engine. At least for now because the new match engine rolls out soon and players position are going to be more strict like LB and RB won't be able to play in a 3 man defence and AM, AMR and AML won't be able to play in CM, MR and ML respectively. Al least, that is what they announced and I can't say with certainty that they will go through with it.

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I'll sometimes play a player slightly out of position (nothing daft - yellow marker) and it doesn't massively effect their performances in my experience. I wouldn't worry about it.

The match engine has changed between your post and the previous one.

It's supposed to be a lot more detrimental to play players out of position now, even a yellow marker.

I've always played everyone at green when possible so can't say how negative being out of position is, but seeing how other changes work here, it'll probably mean that 91+ players aren't affected, anyone under 91 probably plays with their laces tied together, or has their leg chopped off.

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I have one team that i couldnt bear to change formation but whilst Lahm can play LM i play ronaldo in the RM position that he used to be fine in, and when lahm is unfit Hazard plays in the left again with yellow. It seems to not make a dramatic difference if i am being honest, they have made strong teams so strong that if you have the ratings advantage i think it outweighs one or 2 yellows

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