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Nette Shultz Premier League - Build Your Dynasty Custom Setup

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Game World ID 241461

This GW is being built, off of many other GW ideas, put together.
5 Divisions of 10 Teams.

Clubs All Started with 300 Mil.
Very Rich Economy.
SMFA Monitoring Transfers is Off.
Buying From Unmanaged: On
Manager Must Log in Every 10 Days
Cash Only Deals: Yes
Sacked if you Finish in the Bottom 3: Relegation

Side Rules

Squad Cap of 40 Players
If you go over 40, and this includes loan outs, that next player bought, that put you over,
will sit out, and then be sold to Highest Bidder, when their TB is Up.
If the player plays, because of a tournament game you couldn't control, that is fine. We'll deal with it.
But, that player must sit out for every game a Manager can be in control. If a player plays, that is disqualified,
your Highest Valued Player, that is not the recent dis-qualifier, will be Sold, plus the dis-qualifier.
If you do not cooperate, then my friend, we'll have a problem. Haha.
But, the Highest Valued Player Sold, will be sold to the highest Cash Bidder.
Bids must be shown by the Players Manager.

95+ Rated Players
Can Only be Bought, if you win a Division Title.
Any Division Title.
Can Buy your 95+ Player, after the last whistle of the season, if you are a League Champion.

90-94 Rated Players
Can Only be Bought, In Increments of 10 Points, Up the League Table.
10 League Pts = One, 90-94 Player.

Next 10 up to 20 League Pts = Another One, 90-94 Player.

Next 10... to 30..., 40..., Etc, Etc.
Every 10 Points up the League Table, Gets you the Opportunity, to buy a 90+ Rated Player, Basically.
Must use this opportunity to buy a player, cannot store it up like credits.
If you cannot buy, because of Cash, then you Cannot Buy. Try to Sell Quickly.
You have until you're NEXT 10 Points up the League Table, to get a Bid Accepted for a 90+ Players.
Each New Season, Starts Over the Count.

When you win the League Cup, you may purchase one, 90-94 Rated Player.

You have till the End of the Season, to buy your player.


90+ Rated Players
Can Only Have Up to 23 90+ Rated Players.

That is kind of the Objective of this GW, is to Get 23 90+ Rated Players, with 17 Other Players.
But, this will be very hard now, with Player Concerns, happening faster.

But, that's a good thing.

86-89 Rated Players
Can Only have 7 of these players.

80-85 Rated Players
Can Only have 10 of these players.

79 and Less Rated Players
Can Have as Much as you Want, up to Squad Cap of 40.

Rating Changes
If a player receives a Ratings Upgrade from the 80s to the 90s,
and you have Room in that Range, then He's yours to keep.
That's a Bonus. Just Count it against your 23 Player 90+ Cap.


Any other time a Ratings Upgrade or Downgrade Happens, and that puts you over the limit for a certain Range,
You Must Sell a Player. It's the Manager's Choice which Player to Sell.
If they are all Transfer Banned in a Range, then the First Player to be Open for Bidding, once their TB is Up, needs to be sold.

This should keep Players Moving Around Quite Frequently, and keep Teams Interesting.

A Better Transfer Market...That is More Realistic

You are Sacked if you Finish in the Bottom 3 !!!!

You cannot come back and manage a club, that just lost its manager.
Also, No New Managers can apply for these clubs.

This goes on for 1 season.


If the league becomes full, the 15 Clubs that have Sacked Their Manager,

Stay Open for 1 Season.

This will ensure the Transfer Market keeps moving players around.


Manager Requirements
Must stay at a club for at Least 2 Seasons, before Requesting to possibly move to another Club,

Once you Enter the League.


Stay on Top of your Squad Caps. There's 4 of them.

Total: 40

86 to 89: 7

80 to 85: 10

90+: 23



Once you know you are being relegated, I recommend you quit your club, and start again somewhere else.

This will keep things moving in the market, and who knows, you might even be able to sign some of your players, quicker.

Some Clubs to Start, may have over 40 Players, due to Unmanaged Activity.

They also may have like 10 players, in the 86-89 Range, and like 17 in the 80-85 Range.

This means, you need to SELL PLAYERS FIRST, to get at, or below those specified Ranges,

before you can start bidding and buying players.
You'll have a few turns, to sort out your squad,
and get At/Below 40 Players, with your 80-85 and 86-89 Rated Players Sorted Too.

If you start with a 90 Rated Player, that's another Bonus.

If you take over a Club that already has Points on the League Table,
just Add up 10 from where you started with, on the League Table,
Until the Season Starts Over.

ALL These Rules Must Be Understood Before Any New Manager Enters This League.
Password is: Rio, to Enter the League.
So I know you've read this, or most of it.

I'll be keeping an eye out on everything, and Hopefully I can get a few more Managers, that will too.

If I can get enough Managers to Follow these Rules, from the forum, then I think it should be pretty fun and challenging.

New Rules and New Ideas, can be discussed, and possibly Passed as a New Rule.

If you've got any questions about anything, Just Post on Here, or Shoot me a PM.

Do you Have What it Takes to Build a SM Dynasty?

Come Check It Out

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Got You In! Good Luck! This Makes 12 Managers Now, Trying to Build Their Dynasty's... Looking Good...

Nicely done mate - I am doing rubbish only on 8 points but like a kid before Xmas I am inching close to my 1st 90-94 rated player and can't wait !!

Season 2 starts on my birthday - double celebrations tomorrow 

I applied and I wish it will workout

I have a question how this will start? I mean most of the team players are <89 and I can't buy +90 until I won 10 points.

Correct. 10 Points on the League Table, equals one 90-94 Rated Player.

At AS Saint Etienne, you have 18 Total 86-89 Rated Players. Must Send Back the Loan, or Recall Loans, then Sell some players to get back at or below 7 players in that Range.

Then you can buy after you get below 7 in this Range.

Your 80-85 Range, you only have 7 Players there out of the 10, so, you can Buy 3 Players in this Range.

Overall, you're at 35 Players. Don't go over 40.

Thanks for your interest.

AS Saint Etienne, Have Their Man in Ahmed Abdel Mouez!

Good luck!

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Jamie3184 Takes Control of Stoke! They knew if they waited long enough, they'd get their man.

Feyenoord Announce that James Parker, will become their Manager!

AS Saint Etienne, have Announced that Mr. Mouez, will be their New Manager!

Good luck to the new Managers!

Any New Ones, Come Give it a Try!

See what ya got!

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There's been a sacking already! Billy Bonds, couldn't handle the heat, and left Hoffenheim, without a manager. Poor TSG. Hopefully soon, you'll find your next Manager.

Eintracht Frankfurt appoint Stipe Jurjevic as their new Manager.


FC Koln, have announced that White Hawk, will now be their new Manager.

Now at 11 Managers.

Good Luck New Managers!

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