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Fines By SMFA For Poor Discipline


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Does anyone think this is a good idea ?

I bring this up as it's becomming very irritating having numerous players out injured for long periods between 6 and 12 weeks all because of the hard tackling.

In one of my gamewords throughout the full season I have had between 3-6 first team players injured and not been able to put out a full strength team for 1 game and nor will i be able to for 1 game next season as the season ends on the 18th of this month and the player doesn't return until 15th or so of December.

One team in the gameworld has a ridiculous discipline record and this isn't counting players the manager has sold just the players in his team at the moment with two games to play so it could increase further.

71 yellow 13 red

I think it's crazy that they can injure your players for 12 weeks they get a 3 game ban and with a record like above serve no punishment I think fines is a good idea and maybe added game bans for repeat players offending is a bit to much though a fine that is the least that could be done here. I am not sure you can tell who injured who in the current engine maybe you can or maybe you can in the next engine but that's irrelavant.

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That's a average of like 2.0 yellow cards a game and 0.3 red cards, those yellow cards is not a lot if you compare it to real life teams. The red cards is just over average I think.

What type of fine should it be?

You only play 2 games against this team each season, that's not gon' bring up your average injuries.

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Avg is irrelavant as it's also what happens in real life it was not my idea it's part of the game my idea was just to implement it. You play 2 but it can be up to 5 times thats not the point , the point isn't about bringing the injuries down it's punishing clubs for their poor discipline though it might have a micro impact on injuries dependant upon fine but it would be ridiculous for it to be over 1m between 1-300k would be my thinking. Something not to low but effective.

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