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Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface


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As I'm sure many SM users are aware by now, a few weeks back a number of young talents showed up in the game's database without being listed as new players first. This caught many SM players by surprise, but once we were alerted to the fact that these players existed, we scrambled to purchase them as they were/are highly rated talents in the real world.


It turns out that the players were added to the database through some mischievous SW users. These users apparently edited old players who nobody knew about and turned them into young superstars, presumably to get an edge on the competition in their SM gameworlds and as a backdoor method of adding players not yet added to the database. Even though SW did not catch the users before their changes went through, they did eventually identify them, ban them, and reverse the changes.


The problem that has arisen and continues to exist is that after the players were changed back to what they were before they were edited, many of us, me included, were stuck with an old, worthless player, and lost between 600-800k on our investment. I opened a ticket on SM when the change occurred, only to receive the same, tired answer anyone receives when they report a player-related issue: SM has no control over SW.


Even after I explained that I was essentially being made to pay for an error on the SW-side of the game, and that it would only take one small reversal to rectify the situation, I was first shutdown again, then ignored when I opened another ticket to continue to explain myself and my case further.


I have been a member of SoccerManager since July 2009; I've had my share of grumbles about different changes and modifications to the game, but I've overwhelmingly enjoyed my experience. There are very, very few games that I've played as long as I've played SoccerManager. And yet, there is a small list of things that I will not accept. I will tolerate game changes, interface changes, game engine changes, all of it; I'm happy to adjust and continue on, even when many of my friends have called it a day. But I will absolutely not accept the absolutely atrocious customer service that I've received in the last few days. I paid for several years of gold membership and different features from SoccerManager, and donated to the campaign to get SoccerManager 2016 up and running. To be treated like a waste of time is both insulting and infuriating.


I do not know if posting here will help get this issue addressed; the cynical part of me tells me that it is unlikely that anyone with any real power will visit this thread, but the hopeful part of me says that there is always a chance. If I can get a proper response from SM on my bug ticket, addressing the problem and reversing this transaction, I will carry on enjoying the game that I've enjoyed for over six and a half years. If not, then it may be finally time to call it a day and say goodbye to SoccerManager for good.


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Lads I know ye are extremely busy making the game worse for whatever reason ye see fit, but....

Is there any chance there could be an option to substitute a player who is playing bad rather than going in with set substitutions....

Its happened a few tines that a player getting a 9 or 10 comes off and a 5 or 6 stays on....

A bit silly really

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Tupca the idea is nice but i think it could be quite hard witha  set time based game (in the single player easy to do).


I mean it could be as simple as set worst player at 60 mins to subbed for highest rated player who can play that position, but as much as this sounds simple it is far more complex than anything in place now. I very much doubt thios will be implementeable, and even if ti were id have ot low on the lst of things that need doing. Just my opinion.

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Oh no....

It gets better.....

Tonight, my Lazio team lost 2-0, nothing wrong with that, used to loosing at this stage.... Read the match report, the usual 'his keeper MOTM' craps that I seen about 20 times last season, so thinking to myself yawn here we go again, first game of the new season kicks off as last one was...


Turns out that SM (I have checked about 1000 times, I do not have any instructions whatsoever at 45) decided to CHANGE MY FORMATION FOR ME!!!!!! after 45 mins.... Obviously this means I have players out I'd position, and whatever subs I had made later had been altered position wise...

Now I've had a strong team in D2 for last 3 seasons and almost getting relegated last 2 seasons, in most other GWs I do reasonably well so I couldn't figure out why this was happening....

So I can't say for how long SM has been changing my team formation after 45 mins... Oh and just in case SM might thing I made a mistake....

It's happened to another player in the GW also, he could not believe it either....

This is an utter joke

Just checked and this is STILL happening.... sort it out lads, results we just brutal and I've a really good team for Division 2, not being funny but I should be top 2-3 and down near relegation.

Obviously subs are important to alleviate concerns......

Incredibly frustrating

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Please someone stop these rediculous updates in wages/values and new match engine. bring back the old system.

the game is unrealistic now and less competitive. i have a 93 rating team and i won 37 games in a row with 4-5 goals diefference 90- 10 goal difference.

i have another 90 rating team that lose with 3-4 goals from 91 rating oppossitions teams. no matter what players or tactics we have. the better rating wins easy all the time. that's rediculous.

and what to say about values and wages. all the time we lose money and the teams have depth.

i sold all my players and i kept only 22 players.

11 players over 90 rating and other 11 players with 85-87 rating. and i still lose about 1 m. in finances. soon my team will have negative balance. i have to sell the other 11 players with 90+ rating and get lower rating. so my team will be less competitive in games. you destroy the game with all these crap updates.

none of them improve the game until now. all makes the game worst. get back the SM. this is another and worst game. not SM. bring back the old SM and make a second game with all these updates. a new game with other name. this isn't SM.

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It's a problem but I think reverting back to the old wage structures isn't the solution. Ithink removing the Automatic Renewal of contracts is the solution as not only was it a terrible feature to begin with it helps in other things like if you have a vested interest in a competitive league you have to log in and sort it out if you want to keep your players.


I didn't really understand the problem when people were complaining about it before because it hadn't hit my small sides yet who have a 130 player squad 12 90 or above and yes I could and probably will be selling most of them NOW to keep a healthy balance BUT then what's the point on the other hand when WE have no confirmed mention at least to my knowledge of how a bid is accepted  when two teams bid the same amount on the same player free agent or not. Even if THEY tell us it's probably not a great feature to have to teams bidding the same WE need to be able to bid what WE see fit (forget the cheating) as it rarely gets dealt with ANYWAY even in the obvious situations. 


Frrr agents shouldn't even be free agents in the sense they are now it should be contrant based BUT the problems that would cause now is if they cap how much you can offer a player then what's the point (i know it works like this in life) and they don't it put us back to if you mismanage your club or hog players your going back into debt.


The things i said may or may not sound good BUT I guarantee on the short term what would solve most of these problems The Ratings Being Updated Regularly and CONSISTENTCY in the updates and dare I say THE RATING SCHEDULE BACK. Heck if WE got the ratings schedule back I think A LOT of people would even say ''Okay that was a great move and even though we hate the new UI mmm we'll use it'' Okay i was joking it's ubareable simple as that looks amazing everything is slow ads in your way when trying to message ect. 


It sad you guys are making strides but f'n up or forgetting about the basics and without the basics well your seeing it.


By the way my 130 player squad jumped wage wise by over 100 % from yesterdays not that random contracts renewals since this came into place. 

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It's a problem but I think reverting back to the old wage structures isn't the solution. Ithink removing the Automatic Renewal of contracts is the solution as not only was it a terrible feature to begin with it helps in other things like if you have a vested interest in a competitive league you have to log in and sort it out if you want to keep your players.

100% agree with this, it's some joke to have contracts renewed automatically, it's a cheap way to let lazy players off the hook. Id absolutely love to see a lazy manager at a top club loose his best player ALL BECAUSE HE IS LAZY.

It would be a serious game changer

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I've found something else confusing :

1. Player's fitness/stamina were showing differently, which 100% at Tactical page, but actually showing "NMF" at Squad page. Confusing, because we need extra jobs to check it manually in 2 tabs between Squad & Tactical page, the players who ready for next match.

2. In mobile browser :

a. Page often reload automatically, especially when we're open 2 or more tabs. In old UI, bring us back to "Overview of Our Team" page. In new UI, as it's like interactive pages that using Macromedia, bring us back to "My Home". This situation not efficient & not effective in using our time & our bandwith, because the "backward/reloaded looping" were too far. We should go to last page we work over and over again, after we're struggling go to that page before, because of VERY SLOW/LACK OF RESPONSES FROM EACH PAGE/BUTTON, MANY BUGS, OFTEN TO SAW LOADING BAR & BALLOON ERROR MESSAGE "SORRY AN UNEXPECTED ERROR HAS OCCURED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN". With this forms & performances of new UI, how come we could always login within 7 days, while managing a team need very much time & effort?

b. Page sometime get "SNAP", then your new UI become ridiculous errors in EVERYTHING. Here, some examples : When you selecting Club "A", the action was login for Ckub "B or C". When you click CLUB TAB, it goes to display TRANSFER TAB. When you click "Age" scroll bar in player search, it direct to choosing "Rating" scroll bar. When you click "Rating" scroll bar, the action was clicking "Search" button. Solution for this, closing the tabin browser & start from "My Home" page again.

3. For transfer matters :

a. Please set your engine/computer system DO NOT make any transfer bid for some players randomly, except the player's status were on TRANSFER LIST, whether from their original clubs. This kind of transfer method were very annoying, because we should work efficiently & this kind of matter could be said wasting our time & bandwith, to reject it & also to delete our inbox that contain undirect news as like as in old UI (when rejected, news directly show-up in inbox). Like I said, in new UI, news NOT DIRECTLY show-up/update, so we need to do a trick, and that trick is go to other tab, tgen go back to inbox tab.

b. Why it was very hard to make a bid right now? WHY A BID OFTEN FAILED IN NEW UI EVENTHOUGH ACCEPTED? WHY A BID OFTEN REJECTED BY COM & OFTEN LOSE TO CLUB THAT MANAGE BY COM EVENTHOUGH OFFERING SAME PRICE? What's going on here? This crucial because our time, bandwith & effort/work should efficient. Now, your new method in your system ruining & making hard to do. I MAKE A BID FOR 1 SAME PLAYER 4TH TIMES, BECAUSE IT WAS FAILED WHETHER ACCEPTED OR REJECTED.

4. For contract matters :

a. WHY CHAIRMAN INTERRUPT IN GIVING NEW CONTRACT FOR PLAYERS? This is 2 example from all that happened at all my teams : I just renewing contract for Lewandowski & raise his wage to 159k. 2 days after that, Chairman raising his wage again to 189k. Same thing in Neymar's case, I raise to 179k & Chairman raising to 259k within 2 days after renewal. WHAT IS THIS?

b. Logically, that only means 1 thing, and that is RAISING THEIR WAGES EVERY SEASON. IT WILL MAKE DIRECT EFFECT TO CLUB'S FINANCE, IN EXPEDITURES FROM WAGES. If the Chairman giving cash injection, financially could be help. But IF IT WAS NOT, THEN FINANCIALLY SUFFER & NO FUNDS FOR TRANSFER/FOR STRENGTHENING OUR SQUAD. This so weird method & NOT HAPPEN IN REAL WORLD, that 1 action not support by other actions to minimize the effects, especially for small clubs (DO NOT SAY THAT IT COULD BE COVER BY RAISING INCOME FROM TICKETS & PRIZE MONEY? THAT MEANS LACK OF RISK MANAGEMENT IN HANDLING A CLUB).

c. Any concerns regarding wages → Logically, this could be mean the player's other concerns could be solve by raising his wages for another time (extended period of waiting times due changing of situation regarding his concerns), including unhappy things cause of lack of games and/or being loan out, etc.

d. Contract is an agreement that contain mutual benefits for 2 or more sides that involved. Chairman raising wages is ridiculous, because NOT GIVING BENEFIT TO CLUB. Raising wages = Renewing the contract. How could be that happen twice/2 times within 2 days, after I renewing thejr contract? Remember, Chairman's contract DOES NOT EXTENDED CONTRACT DURATION. In real world, I think only 'insane' Chairman who do this. Too weird & unrealistic here! Some of clubs having their financial in MINUS (either for team consist of 25 or 30 players).

5. At My Home page, why clubs NOT SORT STACTICLY/FIX? IT SORT RANDOMIZE EACH TIME visiting/looping back to My Home page in New UI.

Last thing I wanna ask you, WHERE ARE THE IMPROVEMENTS? The fact is your old UI more comfortable & faster to use. WE NEED COMFORTABLE & CONSISTENCY OF FUNCTIONS AT EACH PAGE!

Like my post to ask you for "Detail List" view in giving result of player search, so it could be sort by Age, Club & Position like in old UI. Until now, NO REALIZATION FOR THAT & ONLY MINOR IMPROVEMENTS. How long that we must wait & face this situation?

Your pop-up message to use new UI very annoying, because often show at some pages. This game was become a business, so please be more professional with it, which means more appreciating your members & listen to our voices. 10 years in business, you should be more mature in making decision, especially critical one. But sorry to be said, this situation make you look like not prepare at all in facing this mess. Sorry to be said again that your new interface & new game playing engine/method were NOT GOOD enough (4 from 10).

If this just a BETA version, then do not applied to WHOLE game & ruining our game. It's not ready yet & still have many mess, especially bugs, Chairman iterruption in contract handling, unlogical new match engine & slowly loading pages especially in tactical page. Now this mess already happen almost more than a season of our games.

BETA means should be tested so many times & probably in long period until meet stability, consistency & efficiency for underway & future developments.

I also wanna ask you, why your old UI ONLY DISPLAY A HALF SCREEN in mobile browser (we use Chrome). Please fix old UI display to have full display again at mobile browser.

And please fix all important mess as first priority in short timeline, than adding unnecessary features into your system, like prioritize notifications that contain achievements as private messages.


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Today's manager profiles updates look great, I like the information & whole panel idea. The introduction of the social media icons at the top of the page also looks fine. What doesn't look good is the spacing & sizing of things along the top bar which look way too small now & leaves a big empty space - See the image below.



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Tactical is very crucial in this game. I saw that Player Instructions at In-Game Instructions were showing DIFFERENT PLAYERS between in OLD & NEW UI. Example : For Captain in OLD UI was John Terry, in NEW UI was OTHER PLAYER & NOT HIM, and vice versa. WHICH PLAYER THAT READ BY PARAMETER IN THE SYSTEM, WAS IT IN OLD UI OR NEW UI? All Players Instructions were mess-up whether in 45/60/75 minutes. This is 1 of unsynchronize case again between Old & New UI.

Transfer listing often errors in creating price value for players. Sometime said that could not giving value under & sometime giving unrealistic value. Example for player have value 4M, then creating transfer list value to 6M. System failed creating transfer list with reason that I input value under 4M, or system success creating transfer list with value 15M.

New UI :

1. CANNOT accepting/rejecting any bids that from other Managers. From COM, it's fine. This happen since March 01 '2016. Since that date many error often happen, including some new errors.

2. Terminating the loan make us feel so boring with how much time it take, and sometime system having crash & should be to reload page, then looping back to my home page again.

3. Formation list NOT ALL WERE SHOWING (http://goo.gl/nkRXJy). I already try to scrool & to minimize/maximize display of mobile browser (Chrome mobile)

4. Fund was NOT SHOWING at top of each page again since that date.

Old UI display screen getting worse & the worst. Advertisement page on right pane having 99% display in portrait view (http://goo.gl/rpZzat) & 85% in landscape view (http://goo.gl/wvnRlk). Me & my friends were using Chrome mobile (latest update).

I don't know how you work & manage all mess. But this not getting right but getting worse & the worst. If you still develop "YOUR FAVORITE" NEW UI, then fix old UI in everything. It's NOT COMFORTABLE to play with this all mess.

Fixation in new UI having effect to old UI. All these days, old UI having very important role in accessing, executing & helping our daily activities in this game, if compare than new UI. Please fix old UI especially IN DISPLAY for mobile browser.


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i don't know who is thinking those updates but the game is getting worst and worst just to make a more colourfull and impressive interface. with no substance, unplayable, tiring and none improvement to anything.

worst finances, automatic renewals to all and raise wages and depth, worst match engine, slower game. the only thing is successfull is to destroy all the teams with the finances depths and get managers quit the game. if that's the point is in good way.

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