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German Ratings List


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Hi everyone,

don't worry, this is not a duplicate thread.

Over the past weeks, many postings have been made in the German Changes thread and some other additional threads have been created. I'm happy to see there is so much discussion on my favorite league. However, one thing I have noticed (and others have mentioned) is that it's getting hard people to keep track of what has been said without having to read many many pages. People have stepped up and made summary lists and that was good. However, as people post more and more comments/opinions/information, those summary lists will soon again be buried behind many many pages.

So i thought that I would make a thread which will consist of just two entires: the one you are reading now, and the following summary lists of suggested rating changes. I will continuously edit the list to keep it up to date. You can send me your opinions via PM and I will add them to the list. If there are is disagreement about the exact rating, I will put a range. I will also continue to read the other threads (and i hope you continue to post there) and try to take info from there.

If you are not comfortable with me being the only one that edits the list, we can change the set-up. We can make a rule whereby people post by copying the existing information and then adding their suggestions.

I'll fill in the list in the next few days. Please give me some time to do this.

Maybe you can make some posts now and tell me if this is a good or bad idea. If no one likes it, we can delete the thread. If you do like it, then we can remove your posts later on and have a nice concise summary.

PS: I don't care about rep or attention. That's not why I'm doing this. I just want a better way to present the information that we have all gathered. Please no one complain about how you are not getting enough rep, attention, or whatever else it is that you crave. The forum for me is about helping each other be better managers, not to gain some kind of status.

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Re: German Ratings List

1st. Bundesliga

J. Boateng: 83 --> 86/87

Choupo-Moting: 74 --> 78-80

Jones: 82 --> 87/88

Rakitic: 85 --> 88/89

Howedes: 74 --> 76-80

Simunek: 81 --> 86/87

Dejagah: 85 --> 87-89

2nd Bundesliga

Marin: 77 --> 80

Subotic: 73 --> 80/81

many more to come, give me time

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