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Help Me Get My Players Back...please


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In a friends custom setup i have a chelsea side with a large,healthy youth squad containing the likes of Bojan Anderson etc.

My mate found out my password and idiotically released all of the possible players form my team...consequently they are ruined. Half a year of my life effectively ruined by my t**t of what i called a mate.

I have asked him why the **** he did it and he said it was a joke with another couple of my mates (my mates that quit my teams after trying to find out my passwords because i apparently play this game too obsessively),He then went on to tell me that the setup owner could reverse released players which temporarily relieved me. But after speaking to the owner (my mate Sam) he has told me that actually he can't reverse them and that i can only BUY MY OWN PLAYERS BACK which means i will have payed for them twice and hence not madee a profit on any rises that may occur. And to top it all off i have 1.1 million pounds.:(:(:(:mad:

Please...Is there any hope i can ge them back?!?!?! The setup owner will consent if needs be and so will other managers in the setup (apart from my best mates valencia whom is trying to tap up all the released stars:P)

Which is the best way to alert a high up forumer? Would sending a ticket help?

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Re: Help Me Get My Players Back...please

Thanks for your comment mate!

I have considered leaving the setup because it is pretty poor now however me and Valencia have a battle every year for the title and thats the main reason i stay.I have built a phenomenal squad and the player that had my password has been kicked from the setup and i have a 100% guessproof password now.

Surely you could not get me a new barca?!?!?!?!

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