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Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

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Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

Hey guys' date=' I've just joined a new setup as Manchester United. The season hasn't begun, not a game played. Im having some trouble deciding who to sell for cash and who is worth keeping.

Here are the players I've bought:

1. Romelu Lukaku

2. David De Gea

3. Phil Jones

4. Moussa Sissoko

In the process, I've managed to get rid of players such as Neville, Gibson, Kuszczak. Are there any more must haves i should get from external clubs that i can do a P/E? Possibly the likes of Neymar, Ganso.

I'm also able to get the likes of Pastore, Tremoulinas, Poli, Van der Wiel in unmanaged clubs. Should I?

There's also an uncertainty in holding on to existing players (which may prove worthless) and choosing to put them up for transfer. I'm looking to offload players like Hargreaves, Owen, Park, Anderson, possibly Carrick as well. Any other suggestions? As for the golden duo namely Giggs and Scholesy- I'm thinking of keeping them to take advantage of their higher ratings in the short-term.

I also feel that RB is another problem unless Rafael gets a rise in the next review. Wes Brown is getting older and he can't be getting a rise. Who will be an adequate RB within the range of 90+? Please advise. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :D[/quote']

Get Van der Wiel / poli / Neymar / Pedro / Mussachio as young risers :)

as a RB = Ansaldi / Ivanovic / Rafinha

Thanks mate!

I was having in mind Otamendi as well. I know he plays as a regular CB but he can double up as a RB i suppose? There's also the prospect of Diego Renan anybody reckon he will attract a move to bigger leagues next season?

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This is a post designed to help anyone who may experience difficulty choosing who to buy, particularly on a low balance, when it is correct to sell a player in P/E or straight cash or a combination, o

Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? He's a great prospect.

Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

Marchesin Rated (82) or Gabbarini rated (83)

i will sell the 1 after his rise so i want the most cash as possible

Marchesin is 22 and will rise from (82) > (84)

Gabbarini is 24 almost 25 and will rise from (83) > 85/86

i think i will make more cash out of marchesin cos he is younger or will i make more cash from gabbarini cos he will be higher rated.?

any1?? ^^


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Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

Welliton is available to buy in a standard set-up and I'm not sure wheater I should bid for him or not.

Can any-one shed some light on him?

Welliton is a prolific goalscorer at Spartak. This year he has scored 13 goals in 14 appearances. He will also participate in the CL this year (if I am right :o) so I feel he will keep his 90. But if he moves to a bigger club I do believe he could be 92+ someday ;)

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Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

I'm sorry to be really fussy here but my chairman values both Welliton and Chamakh so much lower than their chairman does so their value will go down!

I know I am very fussy!!

but is value really important when you field your starting 11 ??? isnt the rating the players have important ??? I dont think you will sell Welliton or Chamakh after you buy them right?

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Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

stay IMO

but with the inpredictability of Benitez Inter could not have the best of seasons causing Pandev to drop :D

P.S I dont think Benitez is that bad :P

haha :P. Ok thanks anyway.

Does anyone know if the following players will rise/drop:

M'BIA' date=' Stéphane





PUYGRENIER, Sébastien[/size']

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