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Chairman must DIE!!!!


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Re: Chairman must DIE!!!!

Would have posted back sooner but been experimenting ,did two deals with P/E using two players for both ,and i did one with one player P/E.

All of them i did with my team Flamenco in JINKY custom set up Pé sul americano A Bola primeiro ministro Liga Pro.

What i did was work and find out which players went together and hit the other Chairmans asking price ,but then i actually bid the lowest i could just over his actual price ,in both my two player P/E deals my Chairman turned them down ,so then i re put both bids in again which matched the other Chairmans exact value ,with the one player P/E it actually got accepted just over the nearest value .

Shay GIVEN for £6.6M & Salgado DIEGO Newcastle United now completed and in team.

As for the other Two one got accepted on the exact price ,

José FERNANDO TORRES £23.7M & da Cruz Alves JAILTON & Luiz de Souza PAULO SERGIO ,was i glad this one got accepted and now in my team.:D

And one got rejected ,

The deal involving Flamengo and Real Madrid regarding Roberto SOLDADO has been stopped by the Flamengo chairman who is unhappy with deal and does not want to swap Rodrigo SOUZA and Luis de Almeida MARCELINHO in this deal and £750,000.

If you noticed it is by my Chairman so it means that i can not do this transfer so will have to try another player because like Teb pointed out earlier my two players together are classed to important to the one i want.

So i presume this is what SM phrased the term unlikely instead of "it will" to cover this option ,and why Teb said it could happen on the exact price because he was looking at transfer and giving his advice on the players involved and reason why it could still be cancelled which as shown can happen and does.

1.If poss hit exact price your chairman rejects change players transfer cant be done .

2.If cant hit exact price bid closest it allows ,if your chairman still rejects then again cant be done change players .

I think we will find it will be more straight forward getting a bigger percentage of transfers accepted with one player first time than using Two,after all like mine different posistions for my team to the one i want which again is what Teb has been pointing out and explaining to all .

So i hope Teb and Crazy here has helped most of you reading this thread on understanding the P/E system and how easy it can be as well as a bit complex.

But who cares about complexity i got Torres:D :)

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