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Denia Premier League - Earn Your Way to Division 1

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Welcome to the Denia Premier League, where you will have to earn your way to Division 1.


ID: 242214


5 Divisions of English Teams.


First rule, you have to start in Division 5. If all teams are taken, sorry, you'll have to wait until next season.


If you are a team that is promoted, you will have a chance to leave your current team, for a new team.


This is how that will go. 1st place, will get the first drawing. It will be out of all the current Division 3 and Division 4 teams, excluding the newly promoted managers teams. I will draw 3 of those teams out of a hat, and will relay those 3 teams back to the 1st place manager. If that manager likes 1 of those 3 teams, then he will quit his current club and move on to that club. If that manager does not like any of those the 3 clubs, then they can stay at their current club. Then we do the same for the 2nd place and 3rd place managers that were promoted.


Then, same thing goes for Division 4, if you are promoted, you'll get Division 3 and Division 2 offers.


Same goes for Division 3, you'll get Division 2, and Division 1 offers.


and so on...


Every drawing will be handled from the top down. Division 1 to Division 5. 1st place to 3rd place.


So, if you get promoted after this first season, and get a Division 3 team, and then get promoted with them, you could be in Division 1 after 2 seasons, if you get lucky, and get some drawing offers.


Now, when you reach Division 1, and are still not a club that you want or like, you still have to prove your worth to be able to get a bid from the team you want. Basically, if you finish ahead of any team you want, that isn't managed, you can bid for them. That's simple.

Now, if you finish in the European Tournament Spots, but the team you want, is still ahead of you, I'll do a drawing for all the remaining teams that aren't managed ahead of you. Only 2 Picks out of the Drawing, and if the manager wants one of those, then he can take that and leave his other club.


Basically, what I have wanted to create here, is a realistic Manager Market. No Division 1 Team should be hiring a new manager that comes into their league. They have to earn their way up.



Now, there are sackings.


If you finish in the Bottom 3, you are sacked.


The sackings drawing will be handled after all the new hiring has taken place in the Divisions.


Basically, if you are sacked from Division 1 to Division 2, you'll put yourself in a drawing for all Division 2 teams that are available.


From Division 2 to Division 3, you'll put yourself in a drawing in for Division 3, and so on...


Now, if you want to go lower with a club, that's your choice, because obviously they'd take you, if they are available.


But, if you get sacked in Division 5, and there are managers waiting to enter the league, you may have to wait a season or two to get back in. We'll just have to wait and see if this league peeks any managers interests.



Hope all this makes sense.


Other than that...here are some other basic rules.


New UI Format...sorry I've used the free one they gave out


Very Rich Economy


Cash Only


No SMFA Monitoring



Thanks for Your Interest, and Good Luck!

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Only 5 matches played

still nice chance for others to get involved starting at the bottom and earning your way in management or just building from what you have


ACCRINGTON STANLEY (my team) is top of the pile early doors

My choice of this club was essentially flawed (they are doing well in real life so i thought this team in Div 5 were in for more risers than the others- not so

bought some experienced pros but to be fair most of my team is 76 rated B)

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Sounds really great. A manager career bottoms up.


Can I join as Dagenham & Redbridge?


Can you invite me for it as I cannot just join it.


Marcounius Qui Vite


Hey Marcounius, there are other teams available, because Dag and Red is taken already.











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AFC Wimbledon is making some deals, and hopefully they'll make a late push for the last promotion spot!


Well done to the other teams for jumping on some good old fashioned oldies faster than me!


Been so busy with other clubs, and just really never thought this world would ever get off the ground, but it surely has.


Thanks everyone, and good luck the rest of the way.

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Season 1 is winding down!


Got some good races going!


The Division crown, with getting the first chance at the drawing for a better club, is heating up, only separated by a point now!


Plus, the promotion battle is getting close too! Lots of teams fighting for those 4 chances!


Good luck the rest of the way.


Any other managers interested in this, apply in Division 5.


Great concept we've got going here!

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Not much promotion places up for grabs after 2 teams have dominated the division.

Next season will be very interesting too.

Accrington is cash rich due to some awesome business deals.

Sold Rashford and bought 2 87s, 2 83s and an 85 player.

Other promotion playoff teams are full up on 86 rated players, we will see how it goes

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