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The Ultimate World Championship

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Hi all

The above championship has been created this morning. It is in a world championship format and I am screening all applications to try and ensure no cheats get in (not accepting anyone with a SM rep below 43).

Looking for committed managers and in particular some of our esteemed forumers to join (please!). Would be even better if some of the great legendary managers on SM would take up the reins of some of the lower ranked clubs :) . Even if you only want the big clubs still apply.

Please do not make applications via this thrad and simply apply via the set-up which can be found in private application set-ups.

It would be great to have some of the legends join this league and make it an enjoyable (and learning) experience for all.

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Re: The Ultimate World Championship

Definitely welcome

Alot of good teams have good teams have gone now:(

But still the likes of Villareal, Werder, PSV, Feyenoord, Porto, Everton available amongst others. Or perhaps for a challenge could take a lower ranked team:)

Setup available in the Public setups index. Would be good if you join as am keen to get a lare proportion of forumers

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