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EPL Rating Changes

EPL Rating Changes  

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Re: English Premier League ratings

Patrice Evra has risen one point to 93 and Torres is now 96...dunno why Torres got a rise :D

Euro 08 ?

others that were changed:

Man Utd

EVRA' date=' Patrice 93

RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva 77


PARK, Ji-Sung 89


COLE, Ashley 93


MIKEL, John Obi 91


ALMUNIA, Manuel 91

SAGNA, Bakary 92

GALLAS, William 93

ROSICKY, Tomás 91

DENILSON, Pereira Neves 88

RAMSEY, Aaron 84

MERIDA, Francisco 78

RANDALL, Mark 76

WALCOTT, Theo 89

VAN PERSIE, Robin 92


SKRTEL, Martin 91

PLESSIS, Damien 78


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Re: English Premier League ratings

I am double delighted with these rises!!! :D

These are the rating I think they should have been at anyway - but I didn't think SM would actually change them all! :D

One of my Sevilla teams has Denilson, Mikel, Anderson, and I signed Bosingwa yesterday - no idea they would all rise.

But why has Rodwell not risen? Baxter rose to 75 from 1 game, whereas Rodwell hs started 4 but is still 72?

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Re: English Premier League ratings

I am shocked by Arteta to 91 i dont think its fair he has not put a foot wrong im a little shocked by his losing 1 point a real pity i think

he has a tendency to go missing in games, which maybe why he dropped (and of course everton's poor form since the last ratings change)

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Re: English Premier League ratings

there's got to be another round tommorow/monday.

fletcher = 89

ferdinand + vidic should both be put on level with puyol, if not passed him.

wes brown = 91

VDS = 93/94

carrick = 92

i thought these might get increases also, i'm sure there are more premier ratings soon as my stoke team hasn't had any rises and after promotion surely something as albion ahve had afew

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