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United Kingdom XI


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Recently, some fans have called for the countries that make up the United Kingdom should join together to form a UK team. The FA has said this will never happen as four football associations would have to be joined together and there would be havoc. But if it did happen, wot team would u choose. Your players can be from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. I'll start it off and you can add your suggestions.

Gordon (SCO)

Richards (ENG) Terry (ENG) Campbell (ENG) Bale (WAL)

Brown (SCO) Gerrard (ENG) Ferguson (SCO) J. Cole (ENG)

Healy (NI) Rooney (ENG)

Theres the first one, see if you can do better;)

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Re: United Kingdom XI

Excellent subject, and this will turn into a fantastic debate. Here's mines:


Richards(ENG) Terry(ENG) McManus(SCO) Bale(WAL)

Wright-Phillips(ENG) Gerrard(ENG) Brown(SCO) McFadden(SCO)

Rooney(ENG) Bellamy(WAL)

Put in Bellamy to even it up, as I didn't want to add in loads of English players, but its tough not to. Gordon, McManus, Brown and McFadden all deserve there places there!

Also, don't really know what we will achieve through this thread, but its exciting to see the differing opinions :)

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Re: United Kingdom XI

Lol. I know mate but to be honest apart from Giggs and possibly Mcfadden i cannot see any of the other players getting in to our first 11 and for that matter even our squad!

If this was to go ahead (which it won't) it would end up just like i have said (which is why it won't).Well i speak my own opinion...feel free to disagree-BUT YOU'RE WRONG!...:P Nah only joking.but this is what i feel.

I am not however claiming that england are the best knit team amongst the home nations, I do not preach propaganda that we have great team chemistry...i do not even say that we can play at all with eachother But without a doubt we have more talent than all of your nations put together!...For now anyway.

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Re: United Kingdom XI

Shay Givens from the republic of ireland soz. If republic of Irish players could be included, it would probably be much easier. Ian Harte, Shay Given, Paddy Kenny, Damien Duff, Stephen Ireland, and Robbie Keane could all get in the squad. If this topic is a success, i might start up an EU XI and an America's XI and maybe even an African XI! Wot do people think?

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Re: United Kingdom XI

Thers already ab thread for europe 11 africa 11 ect..

Anyway i also Misread the Question & was wondert y the .. Givin & Keane Werent There :P

Anyway i would put ian harte anywere near a goalkeeper :eek: unless its the oppisate teams goalie.


Richards Ferdinand Terry

(RM)Wright Phillips (RCM) Gerrard - Carrick(LCM) Bale(WB)

Rooney & Joe Cole










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Re: United Kingdom XI

Ive changed my mind on my team. Sol Campbell' date=' Joe Cole and David Healy out, David Weir, Owen Hargreaves and Kris Boyd in.

[center']Gordon (SCO)

Terry (ENG) Richards (ENG) Weir (SCO)

Hargreaves (ENG)

Brown (SCO) Ferguson (SCO) Gerrard (ENG) Bale (WAL)

Rooney (ENG) Boyd (SCO)[/center]

That is a better team than your first one in my view. ;)

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