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The Killer is back


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Re: The Killer is back


reckon he is worth a buy now hes gone down?

I gave my view on him yesterday in the German ratings thread - I'd recommend to wait and see for the first couple of weeks in the spring's Bundesliga turns. His comeback was impressive and he's a great player, but his rating will really depend on how much playtime he gets until the end of the season. Bremen have superb forwards in abundance - Sanogo, Rosenberg, Hugo Almeida, Aaron Hunt, Harnik etc. and getting in the team will not be easy unless they play the UEFA cup through and/or injuries strike the squad.

My advice for the Klasnic stock for now - "hold", which can turn into a "buy" very easily around March.

Cheers Zozo

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Re: The Killer is back

Ivan Klasnic is back!!!

I'm so glad for that guy.

He was out of the pitch for 1 year. He had two kidney transplantations.

Yesterday' date=' he played his first game for Werder against Leverkusen, and scored 2 goals and had one assist.[/quote']

Yesterday wasn't his first game back. He played some other games in the last few weeks.

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