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Birmingham City player changes.

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Ok then, my opinion for Birmingham changes:

Maik Taylor - No.1 goalkeeper for a prem side should surely go upto at least a 86 from currently a 85.

Stephen Kelly - This right back has played every minute of every game for us and has been our best player all season, should surely go up from an 86 to a 87/88.

Liam Ridgewell - Another player that has currently played every minute of every game for us so far and is team captain of a prem side, should surely be higher than a 86 to an 87/88.

Sebastian Larsson - Has played alot of games for us at right mid and centre mid so far, scores goal and has a great passing range, should surely be higher than an 84.

Gary McSheffrey - Has been absolutely shocking this season, hasnt had a good game since January and is just far too slow for a prem player, down from 86 to 84/85.

Cameron Jerome - Currently an 84, is now Birmingham's no.1 forward and is the 2nd highest English goalscorer in the prem, should be at least a 86.

Garry O'Connor - Has not been playing and whenever he has come on he hasnt looked great, currently a 88 - shouldnt be an 88, down to 86 i'd say.

Mehdi Nafti - Is a big part of our midfield this season and is an iternational with Tunisia, is currently an 84 should be higehr in my personal opinion.

Would like to here other peoples opinions about these players........ Thanks.

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