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Can someone tell me why in some of my clubs it looks like that every week players get double wages? For example here:


That's the balance for 9 December:




That's for 12 December





As you can see for both of the weeks player Wages are around 4 millions, BUT:





The total wages for my squad PER WEEK are 2 millions..... So where came the other 2 millions from?



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Noticed something else slightly frustrating recently - was lucky enough to be able land Gotze from Bayern, his wages there were 60-something a week, so I thought I'd managed to make quite a saving swapping Cavani (and his 159k salary), wasn't too happy when Gotze signed on 131k.

Fine, I know they've messed with the wages, but it's a little misleading if external teams are going to show really low wages on players that are then doubled when you buy them. Benefit of the doubt, Gotze may have transferred to Bayern before the changes so may have just been on an old wage contract (though our chairman don't spent that long before issuing new, expensive contracts to players!) but just something to keep an eye on I think.

Can't wait for the SM change to club incomes now, so we can all actually afford decent players :)

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