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Antonio Mourinho

Rule Problems in New Custom Game

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Game ID - 245502


The rules for my new custom world are not correct. I set them meticulously but when I viewed them before the game opened, the "No buying from unmanaged clubs and external clubs" was marked as "Yes"


Now, I read that to mean that we wouldn't be able to buy from unmanaged or external, which would have been pretty pointless with us having so few managers in the game.


So, I editted those 2 rules (because I was convinced I had read it wrong) and when I checked again they still read "Yes".


Of course now I can't undo my edit and I need SM's assistance.


But, of course the fun doesn't end there. I've since attempted to buy a player but the computer tells me that I can only buy a player with the same nationality as my club (which, again, was not a rule that I chose).


I then tried to sign a player with same nationality, just to see what would happen, but I still got the same message back.



So, hopefully someone will see this and help us out.


The rules we want please are:


  • Economy Level: Strong Economy
  • Player Concerns off : Yes
  • SMFA monitoring transfers on: Yes
  • Can only offer cash to clubs in deals: No
  • No buying from Unmanaged Clubs: No ... (we DO want to buy from these clubs)
  • No buying from External Clubs: No ... (we DO want to buy from these clubs)
  • No buying players over the age of: Any
  • No buying players rated over: Any
  • Cannot do cash transfers over: Any
  • Transfer Window ONE between Turn: Any - Any
  • Transfer Window TWO between Turn: Any - Any
  • Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club: No (we want to buy any player)
  • Manager sacked if they finish in bottom: No Managers Sacked
  • Manager must login to this Game World at least every: SM DEFAULT DAYS

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