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Buy Me Out v2.0

Rahul W

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I've put in the 16 teams in the same order as they are/were in the OP and put them in the list randomiser. The numbers in the randomised list correspond to the numbers of the managers in the OP. I don't know how to add the screenshot of the list though. 


1. Rahul W- Chivas Guadalajara
2. Barca Kes- Monterrey
3. Huddo- Ajax
4. HD King- Huracan
5. Ashraf- Junior FC
6. Laura- Independiente Medellin
7. Jimmy Gouldie- Corinthians
8. Gursimran- Velez Sarsfield
9. Toni Kroos/Morgan Schneiderlin- Fenerbahce
10. Luke Buxton- Feyenoord
11. KJ KJ- Universidad de Chile
12. Steve Willzy- FC Nurnberg
13. Huwzee- Galatasaray
14. Robsoar- Botafago
15. Ruth Malosso- FC Koln
16. Cookiemonster- Colo-Colo

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