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What if a world need managers?

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Straing question. I know. I will try to explain it.


It's for the first time that i see that if there are not enough managers, the world will be closed. I can understand the reason off course, but if you take a team for building it up with talented young players for the future, you need several years to climb up. That's the reason why i like the game.


So, if the season started or after 50% of the competition, with not enough managers, why isn't there a link where other managers can see with competition wil be closed? Why want i this? The answerd is simpel. 4 teams means that there are a lot of great clubs to manage if you want directly a great team.


In the new layout i havn't found this. What do you think? Is this a good thing to add? If you take a team for long time, its difficult to know off other managers will stay, so their must someting exist like this.


I hope that its clear what i want to say :)

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