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I believe this is because someone decide to edit an old players details to become Kylian Mbappe on SW- and despite it being rejected by an admin - it still got through the big guys above the admins an

^ this is true.   If you look at his Soccerwiki profile it is for an older Gueugnon player, someone just changed the name.   *having cross checked the players history, found it to be 1 cap Guinea

I realise you will never have anything negative to say about Soccerwiki due to your involvement but served it's purpose brilliantly?! I'm afraid not.   It has enabled a current and expansive databas

How does it promote good scouting when you are signing a player that hasn't played? To scout a player you have to watch them play and have a good assessment of there strengths and weaknesses.


In essence you are talking about scouting a player through Google which is certainly not scouting. Having players added with no minutes and on the whim of someone with enough access on Soccerwiki negates the scouting feature on the forum and the game.


I can quite easily remember names of talents and Google them when they come active on the game, doesn't make me a good scout in the slightest. I have no idea how they play or if they may live up to there potential in real life.


I can see that being able to pick up supposed "talents" easily by the general masses not seeing them play is appealing to you as you have no competition however it is not scouting a good player.

You can scout them by watching videos of youth performances. By no minutes, they meant no first team minutes

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You can scout them by watching videos of youth performances. By no minutes, they meant no first team minutes


I know it means no first team minutes, if you read back through the thread you will see I mention it as 0 first team minutes. How many youth leagues/competitions are easily accessible to watch? A handful? 


Anyway I've given up on any issues I have with Soccerwiki, it's quite clear that any negatives will never be acknowledged or addressed.

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There’s an error with Renan LODI of Atletico Paranaense. There are 2 Renan at the team. The older one is at loan at Náutico and the profile was from this guy.

By mistake someone changed the name to LODI. Lodi is not on database. The error is so big that today Renan was updated with a +6 even playing at 3rd tier. 


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On ‎2‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 9:39 PM, -JMH- said:


i get your point, but there is no harm them being on the database. If they arent playing, there rating wont need changing. If they get released and resign elsewhere, the edit will prompt there individual review.


Yes mistakes are made, but there are so far and few between. The recent one with 6 or so youth 'talents' overwriting retired players was someone testing the system and finding a breach. They had admin 'privileges' earnt from several years ago before the points system came in. It wont happen again.


It wont ever be perfect, unless every league was reviewed weekly/monthly - and that just isnt possible on this scale. 


Would weekly/monthly fluctuating ratings be something people would like to see?

You say 'on that scale' but can that not be changed? I don't know how many people have admin privileges but with the current backlog it probably isn't enough. I would be more than willing to step up and be accountable for changes approved and I am sure there are regular editors/contributors who would do the same.

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