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help.. best formation for my squad


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TerStegen? not courtois?


I didn't notice Courtois with the list in that way, LOL! XD

Then Courtois instead of TerStegen, and the rest as I wrote:





Lahm Ramos Pique Alaba

Busquets Vidal

Müller Messi Ronaldo



Captain: Lahm, Playmaker: Messi

Hard tackle, mixed passing, attacking mentality, fast tempo, all over pressing

Freekicks: Messi, Penalty taker: Müller, corner: Vidal

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ok bro thanks


but i need to ask can i play with 4132?


In my opinion, 4132 is too much attacking but also "strict" as formation for a proper wingplay and with Cr7 in your team, you want to exploit that as much as possible, especially since IRL many fullbacks are not that good defensively. I think you'll be better with 4231B (the wider one). Messi as central advanced playmaker of 4231 is in his natural position  (like in Argentina NT) so he can produce a lot of chances, and your team can abuse even more the wingplay. Müller "Raumdeuter" (Space Investigator) will be very an essential key player to your team by opening up spaces and exploiting them to the maximum advantage for himself and your whole team, aside banging goals and doing assists. Plus Busquets and Vidal on the back line of the midfield, the team is also more balanced. Good luck bro!

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