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Unequal player value in bidding?

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Today Timothy Fosu-Mensah was added, a free agent in one of my GW's. 

His value for my club was 240K, and so I made the max. bid of 479K.

Looking at the other bids, that was the max. value that other clubs could bid too, several clubs bid this exact amount.

Last minute another club shows up, and now that all bids are accepted, it turns out they were able to bid 1.1M!


How is this possible??

For one, it's way more than double his value, which seemed to be the max. bid you can make for a player.

But most importantly, in the relaunched SM player values were supposed to be equal to ALL clubs.

In those circumstances it should never be possible that a club makes this big of an offer.


I'm really curious to hear an explanation for this, because if this is the way the transfer market works now, it's totally ruining the whole idea of an equal market.

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Are you sure that the player's value is still 240k? Something that happened quite some times in my GWs since the update is that the players' value changed during the night, also changing the max bid... 


I am more inclined to think it could have been one of the moments where SM re adjusted his value and thus the cap changed. Ive seen it before. I could be wrong though. hope that helps laura

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