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Simple question to ANY Dev, Admin, etc


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You keep asking people to log bug into build-in-game system. When I do reporting VERY important bug into 3 game worlds - SMFA Games not been scheduled for a MONTHS, but still set as my NEXT game, so every player who was at that time injured, show as injured even he's not at this moment, and you did NOTHING, but close my tickets!!!!


And after I open second ticket to ask you lazy stuff, why my ticket was closed without a) fixing the problem B) giving some explanation here it's what I received:


We do not respond to tickets which contain any profanities, are deemed threatening in nature or are abusive. Due to this the ticket is now being closed.


Well, thank you very much for that support, this is EXACTLY why I'm giving your money to this game.


This is exactly one NO ONE use forum anymore and why this game will be dead in a year.


So tell me again Steven should I report in game bugs???


My intention was to give you the remaining time of my Golden membership to fix your s and then to decide to reactivate it or not, but now you have exactly 48 hours, show to the community what is exactly your dedication to keep on someone who has been in this game for 5 years!

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48 hours later no response from a single Dev or Admin. So this will be the end of my time in soccermanager. 


Have been here from 6 August 2011, was part of translation program, have 35 clubs and have won 36 standard and 462 golden trophies. Have winning strike for 150 games(still ongoing) with my Celtic in GC34. Won trophies in GC1.  Highly doubt there are many around who can say smth like this about them as managers. And the stuff don't give a about such players. I can say only - Gratz, GREAT support. So 35 great clubs will be available in 30 days :) I hope they to be taken from someone and not to be ruined.



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