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The Governor

Formations Being Changed By The Game?

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Anyone else notice their teams formations get changed during a game automatically even though it wasn't set up to do so? I had a 4-4-2 setup and at 45 mins on it was changed to a 5-3-2, I had no instructions set-up bar subs at 75 minutes no matter what the score was.


I also had a problem last game where I used auto pick to swap in players for tired starters before a game and the assistant still changed my lineup during the game for no reason.


I think it was some bug with substitutions, I had subs setup from the old GUI and for 2 games had this issue.


I think it may be fixed as they added a proper substitutions tab in the tactics section the other day, I re-made my subs in the new GUI and everything worked ok for tonights game.


Curious if anyone else had this?



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