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Daniele Vola

Counter 4-3-3B

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Recently after the big update, most of the counter formations have changed.
Now I tried 4-3-3B base in all the game world for two months and I got the same results: always Won. I just can't find a counter for this broken formation. I tried 3-5-2, 4-3-3A, 4-5-1A/B, 4-4-2A/B/C, 4-1-3-2, 4-2-3-1A/B. Any ideas? This formation with a general value of 92 is unbeatable and play against with 4-3-3B is not the solution. This game is broken.
Thanks for the advice and sorry for my english

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433B creates a strong cover of the central area of the midfield, where the game is mostly created. 

At the same time, this leaves the flanks uncovered as the wingers are usually more attacking minded and don't track back.

The key man of this module is the DM in the front of the defense, which is usually a DLP and also operate as half-back.


In order to counter it, keep in mind these two things:

1) "overload" the opponent 3 man midfield to block the playmaking, and particularly isolate the DM from play 

2)  strike on the flanks, the weak defensive spot of 433B

That's the best option against this module.


If you decide to go for a defensive mentality and counterattack, you can try 541A.

This overload the opponent midfield, especially the key man- the DM.

5 men to create a defensive wall  against the opponent forward trio, use your own DM as playmaker.... and strike on the flanks.

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