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It's a long standing SM bug.

They're too stupid to care about basic stuff like this.

For the guys who can't control the same club twice in a row, there's a pretty easy solution.

I can apply to those clubs with my other accounts, then quit and then the chairmen will accept you again.

i was hoping there would be a solution, can someone please apply for Siena and then quit once you have the job, thank you.

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check your club on soccerwiki and make sure the capacity is under 20,000 and doesn't have any players rated 85 or higher. The 3 players you can put bids in for can be of any rating and once the gamew

Rahul, sorry i have just noticed that i didn't ask you for the price you want to pay for your 3 choices.

Ah, this stupid chairman. He won't take me back. I've recently quit another club to make it 5/7. Please give it a try now Smut, otherwise I'll have to apply through another account.

sorry, still doesn't work.

try another account, i am around most of the morning so i can keep checking.

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Sorry to be difficult, but can someone explain why Ajax and PSV have been included? 

We couldn't make the gameworld with 22 managers so we put in 2 unmanaged teams that wouldn't walk away with the division. We have a few ideas how to use them but nothing is certain yet, we will announce it later as it isn't important at the moment.

I took them on as i thought we still had to get 8 managers in to start the gameworld, i will leave them on Sunday before the first game.

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Nearly there,  

Chris, i can't offer it to you, the way we got around this problem earlier was for you to apply with a different account.




Please remember , 


no external bids until Saturday 5am gametime clock. You can bid on any players you won bids on though.
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Got a problem. The chairman has decided to fill my squad with 70rated players (did about 73/4 in setups like this previously) so i can't sign either of my players yet until i have brought in externals

The only way around this is to make sure everyone is aware of the winning bids on the opening page and don't bid on other manager's players.

We don't need a deadline to sign these players so get your externals in first, it looks like it will be a problem for 6 or 7 clubs. 

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