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We Are NOT The Champions - 264074

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Ineligible Teams FC Barcelona (Champions League) Sevilla (Europa League) KS Skenderbeu (Albania) ES Setif (Algeria) FC Santa Coloma (Andorra) Recreation do Libolo (Angola) Boca Juniors (Argenti

Just a suggestion, mate: I'd only forbid people from buying players from the CL and Europa League champions, plus the top 2 in England, Spain, Germany and Italy and the French champion. None of the

Sorry Punch i will noit be accepting. 623 jobs for 6000 games is less than 10 games per club you manage on average. this year you have joined 14 clubs, you now manage 3 of those and they are 2, 7 and

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Season 2 begins, and alot of leagues about to finish. May the madness begin..... jsut in time for transfer bans to come u. couldnt have planned it better.



I'm pretty sure many players will only be reviewed after the RL season ends.

Probably should have bought a bunch of high rated oldies, like most people, and I'd have done better in season 1.

And there go my profits as well, which I was gonna use to make a very strong squad.  :(

Serves me right for scouting...

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